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5) Assume the fiscal year is the same as the calendar year and we have received award letters confirming we reached our goal of $630,000! We want to get started right away on all of the great programs but need to figure out the cash flow for grants based on the following information from the award letters:(12 points)

75% of the grant money will be paid out quarterly (4 times a year) starting in January.10% is paid evenly over the first 6 months of the year.15% is paid in December.Jan: $_____________________Feb: $_____________________Mar: $_____________________April:$_____________________May:$_____________________June:$_____________________Jul: $_____________________Aug: $_____________________Sep: $_____________________Oct: $_____________________Nov: $_____________________Dec: $_____________________

6)What month(s) has the highest income from grants? ___________________ (1 point)

7)What month(s) has the lowest income from grants? ____________________ (1 point)

8)This year, the Government has a new rule that the money must be spent on specificprojects for the community. The new guidelines state the following:50% of the money must go toward ticket subsidies.25% of the money must go towards community events.25% of the may be spent on operating support.Figure how much we have to spend in each of these categories:(3 points)

Ticket Subsidies: $________________ Community Events: $________________ Operating Support: $________________

9)The Government requires the ticket subsidies to provide half off discounted ticketsAND free tickets. Our tickets cost $50. We do not want to give away more than 1,000 free tickets. How many tickets do we need to discount to half price? Fill in the following blanks to solve:( 5 Extra Credit Points)

Ticket Subsidies from #8 above = $____________

$50 ticket price x #_________of free tickets = $_________ maximum used towards free tickets

$___________remaining dollars / $25 half price tickets= #________tickets offered for half price

10)For events, we do one big gala a year. The tickets for the gala are $100 but the costto the organization per person is $50, meaning that we can keep $50 as a donation. We also have corporate sponsorship tables of 10 we can sell for $2,000 that cost us $500, so we can keep $1,500 as a donation. How many tickets and how many corporate sponsorship tables do we need to sell to reach our goal? Keep in mind we want a good turn out of at least 750 people and the room can hold no more than 50 corporate sponsorship tables.( 5 Extra Credit Points)

1 Ticket $100 - $50 cost = $50/person donation X #_________people = $___________total

1 Table $2,000 - $500 cost = $1,500/table donation X #_________tables = $___________total

= $_____________ total profit

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