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ANSWER QUESTION 1 and 2 with instructions beneath

QUESTION #1 (200-300 words max)

Please address the following questions after viewing the entire video:

"America: Still Racist" A video essay by Contrapoints (Natalie Wynn).

Contrapoints is a transgender woman who dropped out of a Philosophy PhD program to become a popular Youtuber (she “transitioned” after she already had made several videos on her channel). Though she tends to use some raunchy dark humor, I find her videos to be loaded with sociological and philosophical insights, in a format that can appeal to many millennials.

Whose job is it to mend the crimes of history? Do we have to take responsibility for crimes that happened over a hundred years ago? If so, how? How exactly does this video serve as a response to any of the 4 Frames of what Eduardo Bonilla-Silva calls “Color-Blind Racism”?

QUESTION #2 (200-300 words max)

In Chapter 8 of The Stickup Kids by Randol Contreras, Contreras analyzes how drug robbery torture and other forms of emasculation reinforce society’s gender roles. Please refer to Essentials of Sociology: Chapter 9 in order to make sense of these situations in The Stickup Kids. For example, you can illustrate one or two specific concepts like patriarchy, misogyny, hegemonic masculinity, toxic masculinity, or intersectionality. You can also reference any specific form of feminist theory, if you believe it applies to the story. Be thoughtful!

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