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Summarize the function of a healthy endothelium and those lifestyle behaviors that may enhance the health and function of the endothelium. Peer reviewed research regarding the relationship between the Coronavirus and its impact on the endothelium may not be available. There are several reputable sources that will provide information for your essay. Reference at least three sources of information (papers, web sites, reputable news). Do not generalize the information. Choose a specific organ system (cardiac tissue, lung tissue, kidneys, liver, intestines, central nervous system) and write about the impact of the Coronavirus on this organ system. Include both the acute and chronic impact of the disease on the organ system you have chosen. Summarize your findings and then write about what lifestyle choices you would offer to a recovering Coronavirus patient in an effort to restore their endothelium to a healthy state. What is your conclusion and what would you like to see in the future as far as treatment and control of this virus? ...
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