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Firewalls are in everything these days. Firewalls can be hardware or software, Windows includes a firewall, home routers have firewalls built-in, so security abounds. However it is common practice when troubleshooting a connectivity issue to turn the firewall off. And it is then common to forget to turn it back on. What would help to make it easier to maintain this firewall on all the time? How would you implement a best practice to ensure that the firewall is always on?

If TCP is a heavy-weight and slow protocol that is designed for integrity of data, and UDP is a light-weight protocol that is fast, but has no recovery of data built in, then why do video games go with UDP? When a game “lags” or stutters during online play, it means you have missed some of those packets of data between where the character was and where the character is now. Would there ever be a way to integrate UDP and TCP connections in a game to ensure that there is no loss of data?

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# 1: Always-On Firewall
For the digitally connected world, it is reasonable to have an always-on strategy for the
firewall. Regardless of the operating system, Windows or Mac, it is useful to keep the firewall on
as part of the internet security strategy.
Windows is the most popular or widely used operating system. Based on the number of
consumers, the following discussion shows how the firewall could be left on...

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