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Final paper

Format: 750 word minimum, 12 pt font, 1 inch margins, double-spaced.


Choose a movement in art history:

  • -Write an analysis of that movement: what proceeded it and how it influenced later movements.
  • -Choose and artist from that movement and give a brief bio and why this artist is important within the context of your chosen movement.
  • -Choose at least two works of art by this artist and provide a formal analysis of those works and why they represent the movement you’ve chosen. Print out those images to include with your paper with proper identification.
  • -Write a concluding paragraph about why you’ve chosen this movement, the artist and the works of art.
  • -Include a bibliography for your research sources.


Books from the library, your textbook, journal articles found through the library website, any of the sources listed on the art + design research guide from Hunter Library


You need to add a caption for each image detailing the artist, title, date, and medium.


Your bibliography must be formatted in MLA style. Citation guidelines are found at:

Due Date: Your final paper will be due on our scheduled exam day by email. Once I know the final exam schedule I will give you plenty of notice.

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Running head: AVANT-GARDE

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Avant-garde is among the most influential art movements from French that generally
represents the art and culture of society for radical people. Avant-garde is a French term
symbolizing a small group that brought change to the main force. It contributed to the political and
social reforms using the left-wing French radicals. From the impact felt through these reforms, the
left-wing French extremists got engaged with cultural and artistic issues. The art plays a significant
role in neutralizing political content regarding critical works such as capitalism. Currently, it is
among the leading art movements that approach the current cultural values through artists and
writers who use voice ideas and experiments to influence communities. It confronts societies
which do not adhere to the cultural issues it embraces. This movement is also used by artists in
Germany to control the criticism in chauvinism.
It also portrays aes...

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