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The United Nations is an intergovernmental organization with the primary purpose of promoting peace and security. However, as we talked about in class, there are other models for global cooperation that have been advanced that some would argue are better suited for bringing peace and resolving global problems. The European Union, for example, was “set up with the aim of ending the frequent and bloody wars between neighbours” and today has become an organization with some supranational characteristics (, despite the exit of Great Britain. The World Government of World Citizens organization writes that a world government is needed “to provide a global political service institution for the installation and maintenance of world peace” ( The World Federalist Movement, an organization that calls for greater global governance, claims: “Ours is a planet in crisis, suffering grave problems unable to be managed by nations acting separately in an ungoverned world” (World Federalist Movement, Statement of Purpose).

With these organizations and arguments in mind, please answer the following questions for your final paper on the topic of the United Nations and :

Considering what you’ve learned about Jordan’s history, politics, economics, culture, and so on, do you see a need for stronger (i.e. more extensive) global governance powers for the United Nations?

  • Be sure to base your answer to this question on Jordan’s issues and concerns.

Did your research into your assigned NMUN committee’s three topics as a Jordanian delegate suggest a need for stronger global governance powers? Why or why not?

Did your experience as a delegate to the WHO working on the topic “Global Health Security, with Special Emphasis on Covid-19” suggest that we, as global citizens, need more supranational oversight (or even a world government)? Why or why not?

Compare the potential of IGOs versus SNOs in resolving global problems.

  • Articulate some of the obstacles that IGOs and SNOs face in dealing with global crises.
  • Be sure to look at your United Nations study readings to argue for/against IGOs.
  • What is your position, finally, on the value of IGOs and SNOs?


  • Approximate length: 4-6 pages.
  • Your paper must have a thesis stated near the beginning of the paper and the rest of the paper should flow from that thesis. Although you are asked to respond to numerous questions, be sure that the paper has a single narrative throughout. You can address the questions above in any order.
  • Format style and citations must be based on a widely-accepted method (Chicago, MLA, etc.).

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For the economy of any nation to grow, the stability of that particular nation is very
crucial. Some factors, like the political stability of a state, are a vital cog in the economy of a
country. The central role of the united nation is to make sure the political climate of every nation
is controlled and kept in check. Also, the United Nations, through its various constituent
branches like the World Health Organization in conjunction with the North Atlantic Treaty
Organization (NATO), helps in the maintaining of world peace, especially in nations with
political instability. This paper aims to give an in-depth on the role of the United Nations in
maintaining stability in the unstable countries, the role of united nations in the oversight of the
emerging issues like the Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19), and finally compare how the
Intergovernmental Organizations and SNOs in the resolution of the global problems.
Reason as to why there is need for stronger and extensive global governance by the United
Nations basing on the problems facing Jordan.
Reading between the lines, one is supposed to understand that, Jordan just like any other
nation and especially in the Middle East, is confronted with major and unprecedented problems
from every direction. This is why the United Nations sooner or later will have to strengthen its
governance globally to ensure the stability of those nations that are facing the same challenges.
The resilience of Jordan is something to behold, but on the other side, regional instability...

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