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View the video You Can Be Good at Change. Think of an organizational change that you experienced.  Describe how you were impacted by the change.  What could the leadership have done to make the transition more successful?

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I had been working in  a local company where employees where De-motivated and usually slow to conduct their duties. As one of the employees, i felt bored being called to work on daily basis because the work environment was not effective in providing employees with sufficient time to conduct their duties. The change of leadership by the management transformed everything. The management began seeing employees as part of a larger team that could help in the accomplishment of teamwork. The management changed from beuracratic style to authentic style where teamwork was seen as part of collaboration to achieve organizational goals. Authentic leadership transformed and motivated us as we began viewing ourselves as part of a larger organization that wanted to achieve success. The transition of management become more success than it would have been over the years.

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