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Deploying the Site [2 Marks]

Real websites are deployed on dedicated servers.To complete this component, you will be provided with a server and ssh access and will need todeploy your site to the server.You will be marked both for getting your site functioning on this server, and how you have configuredthe server. Consider how git keys and ssh keys should be stored, and how groups and users should beset up.It’s worth noting that the servers may be rebooted periodically, you will want some method of ensuringthat your web application restarts when the server restarts. You may find systemctl, or init scriptsuseful for this.

• 1 mark for a successful deployment

• 0.5 marks for an appropriate use of users and groups

• 0.5 marks for a successful startup scriptIn assignment three the availability of your site will be assessed. Bottle by itself is not particularlyefficient, and you may find the cherrypy python package useful in quickly improving the stability ofyour site.

Virtual Users [2 Marks]

Bots are prevalent on the Internet, from crawling and data-mining to automated up-voting and sharing,the actions of an anonymous virtual user can be nearly indistinguishable from that of a real person.These virtual users are also useful debugging tools, and when run can swiftly ferret out any brokenlinks or functionality.You will be required to write a number of virtual actors for your site. They should span all regular user,and administrator roles and should perform a number of actions that you would consider standard forthe site such as logging in, trawling the site sending messages, and banning and unbanning each other.You will need to write a separate Python class (in its own file) that when run, selects a virtual userat random and navigates them through the site, performing tasks that a regular user would (filling informs, viewing pages etc). The actions of your virtual users should span all possible routes for yoursite. You may find it useful to re-purpose your think alouds as the paths that your virtual users takethrough your site.Your virtual users should make use of a headless browser to ensure that Javascript and AJAXcan be correctly loaded.Template code will be provided. You may find that the selenium package is helpful in completing thissection.

• 1 mark for a successful traversal

• 1 mark for calling all routes at least once

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