analyze and model using J STROBE a (suggest longer than about 5 minutes) construction time lapse video


construction engineeing


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The source link must be referenced. Email me if you are unsure if it is suitable. Most video players allow you to slow down the playback speed so that you can closely examine the process and extract durations and constraints. Pay attention on the components that you see installed in addition to the machines that you see move. Or use time stamps in the video itself if available to derive real durations. Or try to figure out how many photos it took each day (between the sky getting dark). Because time lapse cameras work by taking a photo every few minutes (during daytime hours) and stitching that together into what looks like a continuous video. Or if the title says e.g. "N months in M minutes" you could interpolate shorter durations that you see.

Please prepare the following assignment.

Part 1: Process Narrative

Take the following items to record observations and quantitative data as far as possible:

  • Paper, pen, timer with minutes/seconds (e.g. wristwatch, cell phone, or stopwatch);

Submit your answer as a four-page memorandum describing your approach to solving this assignment, any interesting observations or insights, and the following sections:

  • Brief description of selected and observed process type;
  • List with mini description of elements, with resource counts and activity durations;
  • List of (typical) inputs with type, quantity, and unit;
  • List of (typical) outputs with type, quantity, and unit;
  • List with mini description of rules, distinguishing to which element(s) each applies;
  • One-page narrative (part of 4 pages) that describes all elements and behaviors.

Attach an appendix (does not count toward page length) a full printout of your annotated and edited actual input data (before being analyzed) as well as the network model itself.

Part 2: Process Model

Develop, debug, and run a well-labeled jStrobe model of the entire process.

Part 3: Process Analysis

Experiment with the simulation model by varying parameters of resources and activities as necessary to determine if the process is already (near) its possible optimum. If so, provide evidence why; if not, provide thoughtful suggestions for process improvements.

Reference all sources (except for the textbook) in the accepted ASCE referencing style at the end of your document.

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