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GROUPS AND INTERESTS The statue books of the United States include many laws written to protect special interests rather than the more general interests.

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Interest Groups
Individuals and organizations that are well organized, structured and have similar
concerns greatly influence government policy. These kinds of groups are known as interest
groups; they usually change public policy in their favor (Madison, 376). These groups are unique
in the United States such that they have laws written in the statute book of the United States
which protect specific interests rather than the universal welfares of Americans. For the interest
groups to maintain a healthy relationship with the government, they always follow the Pluralism
principle, which states that all interests are and ought to compete for a favor in the government.
367. Small groups who see substantial benefits from involving in political actions receive more
benefits compared to bigger groups who have no or little interest in the political movement. 367368.This paper analyses the characteristics of interest groups, strategies of influencing policy,
and how to control the influence of interest groups.
Characteristics of the Influence Groups
First of all, individuals and organizations form groups to increase the chance of
government favors; in other terms, it is known as lobbying. Interest groups involve influencing
administrative and governmental actions. The main agenda of most interest groups is to identify

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the interest of the group and the government policy that affect those interests (Madison, 368).
Interest groups, therefore, are an agent of the people to the government.
One of the essential characteristics of interest groups is that they enhance democracy.
Most American citizens belong to at least one or more interest groups. Within these groups, the
member holds meetings and discuss several factors that affe...

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