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HCS 475 University of Phoenix Word Cloud Art Leadership Skills Discussion

HCS 475

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Write a 175- to 265-word response to the following prompts:

  • Create a wordle (app for generating word clouds) using key words that represent the characteristics of a leader. (You may use other applications for creating a word cloud but this should be your original work and not a copy of someone else's word cloud.)
  • You may use research like your textbook, weekly readings, and the internet to find an application and appropriate words.
  • Share your wordle within the message (not as an attachment if possible).
  • Discuss, define and describe why you identified those skills and characteristics of a leader.

This discussion will include:

1) Your original word cloud art

2) Your discussion of those skills and characteristics of a leader

3) Citations and references to support your thoughts

Due Monday (20 pts)

Read and respond to at least two of your classmates or your faculty member. Be constructive and professional with your thoughts, feedback, or suggestions.


A wordle is an app that helps to create word clouds. Here is a site with some other alternative programs to use instead of wordle. You may use another app if you wish -- there are many -- just research it!

Research "word cloud" to find images illustrating various word clouds; in fact, you can research "leadership word clouds" for idea starters

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Final Answer


Running head: WORD CLOUD ART


Word Cloud Art



Leaders in every business are needed to be transparent so that they can win the trust of their
followers. This is possible by ensuring that correct information is shared with the subordinates.
Additionally, followers are likely to accept the vision of the leader when the information
provided is convincing (Center for Creative Leadership, 2020). Gratitude can ...

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