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for this assignment you are a disability coach you work with disabled people and help them find jobs follow the instructions

Describe steps you can take in your community to increase the number of jobs available for people who use your services. Think about the things you have read in this unit and describe, in detail, what you can do. Provide at least three different examples to your instructor.

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9/2/2019 Unit 7-Information Networking - IHDD - WorkWorks Employment Services IHDD - WorkWorks Employment Services SL Unit 7-Information Networking UNIT 7: Marketing Skills Information networking It is important to exchange information with all available persons and to mobilize networks to make connections with businesses in the community. This function is shared by job candidates, family members, board members, management, direct service staff, and administrative staff. Your goal is to get everyone to cooperate so that the job candidate can obtain a desired job and successfully complete the work tasks of that job. You must gather all information these individuals have and share information that you have. If everyone works together, each person's knowledge and influence can be used in locating a good job. Download Print Activity Details Task: View this topic 1/1 9/2/2019 Unit 7-Informational Interviewing - IHDD - WorkWorks Employment Services IHDD - WorkWorks Employment Services SL Unit 7-Informational Interviewing UNIT 7: Marketing Skills Informational Interviewing The first interview with the employer should be structured to obtain key pieces of information about the company and, if applicable, about specific job openings. This process is referred to as informational interviewing. Four major areas should be addressed during this meeting: Obtain information such as the size of business, the types of products and/or services that are available through the business, and the name of a contact person. Obtain information related to personnel needs, practices, and experience. What are the hiring practices, length of time required for the hiring process, experiences with job accommodations, projected hiring needs, and services that will be required from your agency. Gain information related to the company’s production and quality needs as well as products Download Print Activity Details Task: View this topic 1/1 9/2/2019 Unit 7-Marketing Your Services - IHDD - WorkWorks Employment Services IHDD - WorkWorks Employment Services SL Unit 7-Marketing Your Services UNIT 7: Marketing Skills Marketing Your Services It is important that the individuals with whom you work and employers who may hire them know what you have to offer. Being able to "sell" your services or what your agency provides is a critical factor of the marketing process. What would an employer or a job candidate want? Think about your services and a way to offer services in an attractive and forward-thinking manner. Your agency might not have money to develop marketing resources, but think about how you can be an advocate for your services; think about your ability to articulate and sell what you offer. The facts are simple: employers need conscientious, motivated employees and you have contacts with individuals who bring a variety of Download Print Activity Details Task: View this topic 1/1 9/2/2019 Unit 7-Networking and Business Partnerships - IHDD - WorkWorks Employment Services IHDD - WorkWorks Employment Services SL Unit 7-Networking and Business Partnerships UNIT 7: Marketing Skills Networking and Business Partnerships Developing corporate relationships and business linkages for building strong future business relationships is extremely important. Sometimes job coaches and employment specialists focus on gaining a connection with a business exclusively for the purpose of obtaining a job for one person. Although the ultimate goal is to assist each person in obtaining employment and building a career, solely pursuing a single job at a time is shortsighted. Marketing and job development can form a solid base for future employment. The best route to developing jobs is through building solid trusting relationships with individuals in the business community. Conducting informational interviews with employers (alone or with individuals who are seeking employment) creates a large pool of businesses that are interested in the services offered by you and your agency. Download Print Activity Details Task: View this topic 1/1 9/2/2019 Unit 7-Relationship Building - IHDD - WorkWorks Employment Services IHDD - WorkWorks Employment Services SL Unit 7-Relationship Building UNIT 7: Marketing Skills RELATIONSHIP BUILDING Good jobs can be developed through developing good relationships with employers. Some ideas for building relationships and making connections within the business community are: Use a computer to find job referral networks. This may include the use of social media. Conduct surveys at businesses that include jobs of interest to consumers. Develop relationships with economic development organizations. Participate in employer based groups such as the Chamber of Commerce and get involved with civic organizations in the community. Whenever possible, get on the agenda and make presentations to parent groups, individuals with disabilities and their advocacy groups, business organizations, the Chamber of Commerce, other service providers, and employers. Publicize successes and services of your agency in radio, TV, newspaper, and newsletter reports. Download Print Activity Details 1/2 9/2/2019 Unit 7-Relationship Building - IHDD - WorkWorks Employment Services Task: View this topic 2/2
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Disability Coach

Persons with disabilities usually face challenges when it comes to securing employment
in society. This problem is majorly attributed to the fact that these persons are not given equal
employment opportunities. By creating work opportunities for these people, the rate of
unemployment will reduce. The creation of opportunities must include the collaboration of all
the players in society and organizations. This is because unemployment is not a problem that can
be solved by a single person. Some of the approaches that could be used to increase the
employment opportunities for the disabled include encouraging the art of self-employment;
collaborating with the government to e...

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