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BMP Part 4: PowerPoint Instructions (Part 4)

You will present your research to the class via a PowerPoint presentation of your Behavior Modification Project. The 10 slides should clearly and concisely present the experiment in an interesting and creative manner. One slide for a title slide, 8 slides to present the project, and one slide for references. See sample.

This assignment is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 7.

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Behavior Modification
Project (BMP): Tackling
Social Media Addiction
Student's Name
Institutional Affiliation

Introduction- Target Behavior
❖ Growing up, I developed an addiction to social media, a tendency that propelled by my introvert nature
gradually became a habit that requires modification.

❖ When I joined the university, my addiction led me to develop a challenge in adapting to the conditions
surrounding daily activities within the school programs.
❖ According to Savci & Aysan (2015), addiction to social media has become a common phenomenon among the Y
generation, as a result of loneliness and the love of technological gadgets.
❖ It is possible that most people who engage in too much social media aspects find it hard to talk to people
physically, that is, there are actually anti-social in nature or introvert (Andreassen, Pallesen & Griffiths, 2017).
❖ Additionally, research done by Andreassen, Pallesen & Griffiths, (2017) on behavioral patterns among
teenagers, indicated that the addictive use of social media is connected to one’s self-esteem and narcissism.
❖ As the world is moving towards technological advancement and innovation, people are turning their hobbies
and leisure time to engage on social media platforms thus contributing to behavioral addiction in the use of
social media (Andreassen, Pallesen & Griffiths, 2017).

Considering Treatment Options
❖ Based on Hser & Anglin, (2010), recovery from addiction is a dynamic and complex process, as such
it requires multidimensional treatment options to address it.
❖ Hou, Xiong, Jiang, Song & Wang (2019) explored the interventions necessary for proper recovery
from social media addiction. In this case, the researchers used a two-stage self-help intervent...

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