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-300-350 words for each reflective topic.

-Please include personal experiences.

-For stress management and non-verbal communication you can reflect on how you feel and manage it during the lock down.

-1 referencing for each topic

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Reflective Essays
1. Stress Management

According to Mayo Clinic (2020), stress is a usual mental and physical response to the
strains connected to living. While a little stress can be good and motivating a person to perform
better in their duties, prolonged and recurrent disturbances can push a person to levels where
they are unable to cope (“Stress Management,”2020). Stress happens and can occur to anyone
from any issue of life. It may come from work, home, friends, relationships, financial situation,
and so on. Interaction with different people and thinking about given situations can bring about
stress and in extreme cases, it could morph into a state of depression.
Negative stress can cause a person to not perform normal tasks as usual, and it can affect
a person mentally, physically and emotionally (“Stress management Health Center,” n.d.).Since
no one is completely stress free, the most important thing a person could do is to know how to
manage the stress in their life. Many persons, psychologists and organizations give many tips on
how to manage stress but the success, in my opinion is dependent on the person and the case at
hand. I once found myself in a stressful situation when I did not know how to help a friend or
who to talk to about the situation.
My friend came from a family where her parents had sent her to live with her uncle’s
family as she attended college. After some time, her uncle started molesting her sexually, and
when she told her parents that she did not want to continue staying with her uncle, they insisted
that she should stay on due to the financial constraints the family was going through. She did not
know about how to talk to her parents because they could not understand, and I could not help
her because there was not much that I could do. I gathered courage and reached a close friend to



her parents who had a counselling firm. The counsellor got me through therapy and also shared
the situation with my friend’s parents, so they got her a place of her own. From this experience, I
saw the importance of sharing out a bothering matter with a trusted party who can help a person
get out of a stressful situation as well as provide a solution. Stress is not addressed through
suppressing the issue, but by sharing so one can get help.
“Stress Management.” (2020, March 21). Mayo Clinic. Retrieved from
“Stress Management Health Center.” (n.d.). WebMD. Retrieved

2. Non-Verbal Communication
Non-verbal communication, also known as “manual language,” is the practice of
transferring and being in receipt of communications minus the use words, of any form either
verbal or on paper (Nordquist, 2019). Non-...

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