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Women in Law Enforcement

➢ Research reveals that increasing the number of women in law enforcement would be
of great benefit
➢ Women however take a smaller percentage in most police departments across the
➢ Women averagely take just about 25% of the entire population of police officers in
the US
➢ Little research has been done in a bid to establish the reason behind these facts

➢ This presentation draws from review of literature to critically analyze the concept of
women in law enforcement

Women in Law Enforcement

To discuss the current demographic trends in law enforcement with respect to gender

To outline the experiences of female law enforcers while on duty

To establish the society’s perspective on the aspect of women in law enforcement

To outline how the female officers’ experiences have impacted their career

To discuss the challenges faced by women in the field of law enforcement

Women in Law Enforcement
Based on the objectives, this presentation shall be focused on answering the following questions:

What is the percentage of women in law enforcement?

What are some of the experiences of female police officers?

How have these experiences impacted on their career?

What is the society’s point of view on the aspect of women in law enforcement?

What are the challenges faced by female police officers?

Women in Law Enforcement
In a bid to establish the facts discussed in this presentation, information was retrieved through:

Review of relevant literature including books and journals

Documentaries highlighting experiences of women in law enforcement

News articles

Women in Law Enforcement
Literature review

According to Blatter (2014) , in 2014 female police officers made 11.9% of law enforcers in the United

The percentage has been increasing slowly over the years but still remains low

The author associate the low percentage with the low recruitmrnt levels of female police officers

The article reveals that for every 10 police officers recruited in the US, only 2 or 3 of these are females

Women in Law Enforcement
Literature review

▪ As noted by British Association for Women in Policing (BAWP) (2014), women have generally
had problems being accepted into the police force
▪ In most cases, complexities surrounding the job is often cited as the reason behind this fact
▪ The article equally identifies inadequate qualifications and inability to finish the training phases as
a reason behind low recruitment
▪ BAWP (2014) however illuminates the aspect of discrimination based on gender as a major
contributing factor
▪ The article recommends equal opportunities to be accorded to both male and females during

Women in Law Enforcement
Literature review

▪ Brough, Brown & Biggs (2016) argue that the number of female police officers
has nearly doubled since the 1970s
▪ The gradual increase in numbers has enhanced confidence among female police
▪ Many more are currently joining the police department
▪ According to the author, the disparity in numbers still remains a major point of
▪ The gradual transition however indicates positively that major reforms may be
experienced in the near future

Women in Law Enforcement
Literature review
▪ According to Home Office (2015), despite the ongoing debates surrounding women in law
enforcement, research reveals most of the female police officer are satisfied with their current jobs
▪ Job satisfaction is an indication of positive experiences.
▪ Asked on whether they would want to change careers, most of the female officers express
satisfaction and desire to remain in law enforcement
▪ Some of the officers however cite minimum opportunities especially during promotion.
▪ More male officer tend to be promoted compared to their female counterparts.
▪ The article recommends a common platform where promotion is based on merit as the dominant
factor of consideration and not on gender.

Women in Law Enforcement
Literature review

Bastick (2014) outlines the society’s perspective on the issue of women in law enforcement

The author gives a neutral verdict on the perspective of the citizens regarding female police officers

A number of individuals feel female police officers in most cases are too friendly to enforce the law as required

However, a good number of people feel the female police officers have given a good account of themselves in their areas
of services

The author reveals varied opinions from the society on the aspect of women in law enforcement

The common ground, however, is the female police officers especially those who are senior ranking officials have
delivered tremendously in their areas of jurisdiction

Consequently, more female officers ought to be accorded opportunities for promotion

Women in Law Enforcement
Literature review

▪ As outlined by Dick, Silvstri & Westmarland (2014), discrimination is one of the major challenges
faced by female police officers at the work place
▪ The authors also highlight sexism and racism as the other issues facing women in law enforcement.
▪ According to the authors, there is evidence that white female officers are treated better than the black

▪ Most women in the field of law enforcement are rarely trusted with ‘bigger’ responsibilities due to the
notion that they are weak
▪ This perspective is fueled by the culture in police service which tends to place more value on physical
strength and masculine qualities
▪ Some female officers prefer to work with their male counterparts hence distancing themselves from the
female counterparts
▪ This gap inhibits the support they ought to accord one another considering the challenges they face as a
minority group

Women in Law Enforcement
Documentary Review

▪ Police Women is an American reality documentary series
▪ It runs on TLC network

▪ The documentary follows the female members in law enforcement in different locations.
▪ The documentary relays the police women going about their day to day duties,
▪ The women are depicted to possess amazing competencies just like their male counterparts
▪ They are able to professionally handle outrageous criminals

▪ They also conduct and successfully conclude chases and make arrests
▪ Despite the challenges, the documentary reveals the expertise professionalism with which the
female officers perform their duties.

Women in Law Enforcement
Article review
Growing number of women leading U.S. police departments

▪ The article appeared on Nation World News on February, 4th 2017
▪ It details the tremendous improvements in the police department over the past decade

▪ According to the author, there has been an increase in the number of women leading police
departments in the U.S
▪ The women have also accomplished a number of achievement including new reforms within the
police force

▪ The reforms have been essential in strengthening the battle against crime
▪ Despite the disparity in numbers, the article notes that female police officers are slowly getting the
deserved recognition
▪ Such ...

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