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This project is an opportunity to practice writing content (to be potentially published online!), which is always a worthwhile skill to have in your experience. The good news is you have already brainstormed many headlines and keywords to choose from. The goal now is to write content related to these ideas that's worth reading...easier said than done! So here are some tips to help you frame up your writing:

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  • Try to be (a little) entertaining - education reform may not rank in the top trending phrases online. However, informative does not have to mean boring.
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The topic content for the blog is about education resources. I come up with Three reason that we should have better . education resources for students. But if there is better idea for this blog we can talk about it as well

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Three Reasons for Better Educational Resources
“Educational resources” is a generic term describing the myriad of tools and materials used in
the learning process. Throughout the history of academics, materials keep changing to suit
student needs. In the 19th Century, teachers only required a book, writing board, and chalk to
teach students. Further, 20th Century learners could conduct experiments and engage in fieldwork
activities. Twenty-first-century learners can simulate experiments, engage with teachers over the
internet, and even take their classes online! The difference between learners during these periods
relates to the educational resources available to them. Primarily, learning materials are
responsible for enhancing students' comprehension of resources. Better educational resources
should help through the differentiation of instruction, better lesson structures, and adv...

I was struggling with this subject, and this helped me a ton!

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