The project is designing any website using Java script bootstrap database connection Sql and the rest information is given in the requirements . Any website like online rent car for example.


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The project is designing any website using Java script bootstrap database connection Sql and the rest information is given in the requirements .

Any website like online rent car for example.

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ONE BIG PROJECT for CS/SE371 or IS211 Major Its highly recommended to submit as each point carry marks 1. Your project details 2. Working Design ( All the pages designed using bootstrap, 3. Make sure to download any script or design on your local, no internet links 4. Folder Structure is important 5. Admin Panel pages must also be there to manage the backend 6. Comments to code each part is important 7. Use div tags 8. Logo for the project 9. Editable Design must be shared Marks 15% A+ , A , B+, B , F Deadline : 2nd April 2020 : 11:59pm night Through LMS This is consideration for first submission - First you need to submit wireframe that can be even pen and paper design - About page[information about your project all of you and your will connect your CV page to it] - Must use bootstrap for whatever you follow as design Quizzes I will take two more quizzes, based on project Marks : 20% One quiz already done MySQL, Forms , JavaScript, PHP It will also contain bootstrap complete design in project Assignme Project nt JavaScript usage in your project will be considered as assignment Final Submission No 2 : CRUD Connectivity with Database and Database April 16th, 2020 - Design should be complete Submission no 3 Sessions, JavaScripts, Dashboard [Graphs, Stats - [​Only one example​], CMS April ​30th ​2020 Project Submission 1. Presentation 2. Project Report 15 - Marks 3. What were the problems faced and how you solved it. [means with code] 4. DashBoard 5. Complete Code with Comments and documentation 10 Marks 6. ReadME File on requirement how to run {​5 marks​} 7. MySQL File 8. Design Files 9. CMS must be part of your project { only basic version} New requirement : reduce any two use cases from your project but inform in your final report Final submission 7th May whatever the date is announced​ , 2020 Before 1 you will give the following below -Will contain 10 Marks ​viva -10 marks ​presentation Submission Items and Requirements Summary 1. Project Report a. Readme file on how to run the file , call it user manual b. Project description c. Project audience /potential customer d. Project Timeline e. Use Case with description and explanation f. Wireframe g. Section on what were problems faced and how you overcome that h. Explanation of design and code with screenshots i. Explanation of database j. Contribution table for each member explaining his contribution in project k. Presentation should be included in end 2. Dashboard in your project showing statistics 3. SQL File with contents of your database 4. Commented code divided into proper folder structure such as images, css, javaScript 5. Original design files of logo and images 6. Usage of Bootstrap for design 7. Each website must include a. Admin panel is there to control the backend and data entry b. Session must be used c. Registration and login page d. About us with CV’s of group member e. Consistent header and footer f. Usage of HTML5 tags g. All js, css, images must be downloaded as local copy and no internet links h. Usage of secure tags and coding techniques i. Explanatory Commented code j. Usage of div in the code k. Dropdown boxes and list should get data from database l. Email should be sent to admin on addition of any records ...
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