No Mans Land vs Hotel Rwanda Film Comparison Paper

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Hi! This is a compare & contrast essay for my global politics class. You will see all of the instructions in detail in the PDF I have attached. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. Also, this is %35 of my grade so please make sure you hit all the points asked. Thank you!

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Film Comparison Paper You are asked to write a paper comparing and contrasting No Man’s Land and another recommended film from the course lecture and our discussion. The paper should be 6-8 pages or so long (body of text, double-spaced, 12 point font, 1” margins) and include a bibliography. Do not forget to include citations either within text, endnotes or footnotes. Instructions for Film Comparison Paper [1] Topic Selection. Your topic should be clearly articulated in the first paragraph. It should also be stated and developed in a manner that reflects your knowledge of the course materials, reading you have done on the topic, and the United Nations and international relations more generally. Topics should be more tangible than simply saying: “I want to study how professors are portrayed in film.” [2] Caution. The paper you write should not be a sequential description of the films you watched. Although you will need to summarize each film so that the reader would understand the move even it they have not see it. Your paper should be more than this synopsis, it should be thematic. [3] Artistic. There should also be an artistic component woven into your paper. Compare/Contrast Essay Help Sheet There are three strategies to organize comparison and contrast papers: 1. Whole-to-Whole, or Block: In this structure, you say everything about one item then everything about the other. For instance, say everything about the characters, setting, and plot for No Man’s Land then everything about the characters, setting, and plot for the movie you selected. The points in each of the sections should be the same and they should be explained in the same order (for instance, you might discuss character, setting, and plot for both, and in that order for both). 2. Similarities-to-Differences: In this structure, you explain all the similarities about the items being compared and then you explain all the differences. For instance, you might explain that the characters and plot were similar in No Man’s Land and the movie you choose in the one section. In the next section, you could explain that the settings were different. The course movie took place during the summer while the movie took place during the winter In other words, the body of your paper would have two large sections: one for similarities, and another for differences. 3. Point-by-Point: In this structure, you explain one point of comparison before moving to the next point. For instance, you would write about the characters in No Man’s Land in one section; then you would write about the setting in both movies in the next section. Point-byPoint comparison and contrast uses a separate section or paragraph for each point. Point #1 for your paper could be information about the characters in the course movie and the movie. You'd begin a section or paragraph for Point #2. For consistency, begin with the same item in each section of your point-by-point paper. For instance, for each point that you discuss, explain the information about the course movie first and then about the movie. Transition Words In comparison and contrast, transition words tell a reader that the writer is changing from talking about one item to the other. Transitional words and phrases help make a paper smoother and more coherent by showing the reader the connections between the ideas that are being presented. When you're comparing items, using a transition from this list will signal to readers that you're changing from one item to the next and it will also tell the reader that the two items are similar. Here are some examples: The characters in the movie were very similar to the characters in the book. Both the characters in the movie and in the book were interested in detective work. On the other hand, using one of the transitions from this list of words will signal readers that the two items you're discussing are different. Here are some examples: The setting in the book was summer while the setting in the movie was winter. The events in the book took place during several afternoons, but the events in the movie took place during the evening.
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Compare and Contrast Two Movies: No Man’s Land vs. Hotel Rwanda
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Compare and Contrast Two Movies: No Man’s Land vs. Hotel Rwanda
Films are produced for entertainment, but one of the most critical aspects they provide for
their audience is a reflection of the issues that occur in society. For instance, comedy movies
focus on the humorous side of life, poking fun at various witty behaviors of humans and other
amusing events. Romantic films, on the other hand, base their plot on dramatic love and
heartbreak stories, which are also common in real life. Other movies are based on actual
historical events, such as No Man’s Land and Hotel Rwanda, which were produced to
recapitulate the Bosnian war and the Rwanda genocide, respectively. The two cases are
prominent examples of global political issues that led to devastating consequences. The
Srebrenica massacre of Bosnia and the exterminations of Tutsis in Rwanda are recognized as
genocide by the United Nations.
Nevertheless, the administration of the then President of the United States, Bill Clinton,
resisted describing the Rwanda massacre as a “genocide” to avoid the obligation to intervene
(Hart, 2015). Since both films fall under the category of actual historical events, they may have
some features and elements in common. The paper discusses the similarities and differences
between the two films.
No Man’s Land Synopsis
The “No Man's Land” movie, released in 2001, is set during the Bosnian War between
the Serbians and Bosnians that occurred between 1992 and 1995. The film turns the whole war
into a much smaller scenario but equally representative of the entire situation. By bringing
together two soldiers from both the Serbian and the Bosnian sides, the movie depicts a
synthesized version of the war (Deachman, 2017). The whole purpose of this movie is to



illustrate how fragile and complicated situations can become when it comes to negotiation
between two confronting sides. After watching the film, one can conclude that when it comes to
international relations a...

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