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Evaluation Metrics ( employee training class)

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What metrics might be useful for evaluating the effectiveness of a company's training program? ROI (Return On Investment in learning)?

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Increased retention - Majority of human resource departments measure the rate of retention in various jobs . If the newly trained employees ill equipped for the jobs then they are more likely to leave within 90 days . When you measure this way high retention points to a successful training program .

Increased sales - if the training is heavily forused on sales or customer service force , an effective program will eventually increase sale numbers . You can also measure product knowledge training as a part of sales number . Poorly educated sales people do not make sales . Unit sales makes a good metric . 

End user satisfaction - your audience can measure effectiveness quickly . Either immediately following the training and after a given time period such as 90 days or 60 days etc . The results obtained imminently will you give you the picture of what has happened in the classroom . 

Instructor performance - instructor evaluation is an important measurement . It can come from student and manager evaluations and must take into account the evaluators skills and knowledge of the subject . 

ROI - In some cases it is easy to define it but in most cases it is increasinglycine difficult . There are several ROI calculations available . If you are a part of a numbers driven organization you will be on good side of stakeholders by defining and measuring a concrete ROI

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