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The writing portfolio is based on five 2-page writing assignments. You will be given five specific writing prompts throughout the semester (see course calendar).

With the exception of the last prompt all writing prompts are related to a specific chapter of the textbook and a documentary film/movie we will have watched in class. The first writing assignment will be submitted early in the semester (week 4) for feedback without grading/penalty. Each student will submit a polished 12-page portfolio, including one cover page (with name and contact information), one reference page, and ten pages of original writing (five 2-page writing assignments). The cover page and all writing assignments should be word processed (double-spaced, with one-inch margins and a 12-point font).

Late papers and papers less than 9 pages or over 11 (refers to the 10 pages of original writing, i.e. excluding cover page and reference page) will not be accepted.

Completion date is: Tuesday, May 5, 2020 (11:59 pm). Your writing portfolio needs to be posted under “assignments” into the “writing portfolio” folder on d2l. The grading rubric is available on d2l.

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Implicit Association Tests

Attributes of Masculinity and Femininity

Covid-19 Question-Answers
I have been at the forefront of abiding by home advice during this Covid-19 pandemic.
Ideally, the advice is meant for my personal gain, hence, to ensure my physical, emotional and
mental health are maintained I have been using various measures to keep me engaged throughout
the day while at home. Among the strategies I have incorporated in my program include reading
devotional material that I have found to be improving and nourishing as well as stimulating my
mental health. Besides, interacting and associating with people before the stay home advice was
my habit. Thus, I use various social media platforms, messages and calls to communicate with
friends and relatives which has helped me a lot in spending my day at home. However, I have
experienced challenges as well while at home. I like adventuring new places and visiting friends
a hobby that has been totally hindered by the pandemic. As a result, there is environmental
monotony making me to be unhappy in most times, thus, worried of my emotional health status.
Generally, I am really missing much that I was doing under no restrictions.
Moreover, staying at home has made me inherit new behaviors and characters which I
have found essential to embrace even after the pandemic. Being free and spending most of the
time reading articles has improved my vocabulary and knowledge significantly. Moreover, I had
a habit of not making short exe...

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