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Is the concept of Fascism useful to understand contemporary authoritarianism?
Fascism is an ideology that promotes an idea for a forcibly monolithic, stringent
state by a tyrannical ruler. In keeping with Allardyce (2017), the word fascism is coined from
Fascio, an Italian word for the bundle. In this context, the word bundle representing bundled
of citizens. Fascism originated from the antique Rome when Fasces were a bunch of wood
with an axe head conveyed by leaders. Fascism is a historic word that was developed into an
analytic concept over time. The term could have remained a characteristic of a specific
political development, but it continued past its supposed era. In modern times, Fascism serves
as a bridging metaphor. It is a term used independently of definitional and historical context
and describe authoritarianism in politics. The concept of Fascism is a perfect illustration that
can help understand contemporary authoritarianism.
Authoritarianism is a term that was coined in 1859 as the formation of order through
a centralized electoral authority. The Authoritarian model champions for uniform elections
and by holding elections all the voters' consents to abide by the rule of the elected authority.
The authority itself did not possess the power to implement its decisions and passed them
down to lower bodies to handle the direct execution. Fascism is a form of authoritarianism
rule by the authority without questioning the authority orders (Payne, 2017). The difference
between Fascism and authoritarianism is a matter of political theory that has been attached to
each concept mainly in relation to its time of development and the perspective the political
analysts view it in relation.
There has been a significant contradiction among historians and political researchers
about the idea of Fascism. A few researchers, for instance, see it as a socially extreme
development with ideologi...

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