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Write a Responsive Reflection

Assignment Topic

This week, you will identify an existing hashtag campaign and do a responsive reflection summary of that campaign.

Assignment Directions

  1. Choose one social media hashtag campaign explored in class, with teacher approval, or one campaign about which you have prior knowledge.
  2. Research various sources

Remember This

  1. General reference works such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, and Wikipedia will not be considered as sources meeting this requirement.
  2. The list could include books, journal articles, industry reports, authoritative websites, manufacturer's sites, or sites from research groups.
  3. Remember, all quotations, paraphrased material, images, graphics, and statistics must be referenced in your report, so make note of all sources while compiling your research!
  1. Your summary must answer the following questions.

Remember This

  1. Name the campaign. What is the purpose of this campaign?
  2. Who seems to be the intended audience for this campaign?
  3. Why is this campaign important?
  4. Why did you choose this campaign to explore? Are you currently connected to this campaign? Explain how. If you are not connected to this campaign, do you think you will connect (play an active role) in the future in this campaign?
  5. How might this campaign influence people’s thoughts or actions in real life?
  6. Using scholarly resources, deliberate on arguments in favor and against the effectiveness of hashtag campaigns.

Assignment Deliverables

Post a summary of the hashtag campaign. This may be in any one of the following formats.

  • A written APA-styled paper (three to four pages double-spaced, not counting the cover page and reference page)

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Hashtag Campaigns
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Hashtag Campaigns

The emergence of technology has come with new experiences that thrill human lives and
shake the very core of human activities and the successes man achieve daily. One of the greatest
innovations that have come with technology is the age of social media, which has created a
platform where people interact and exchange information faster than the mainstream media. One
of the important elements of the age of social media has been the hashtag frenzy. The hashtag
campaign is a strategy that is now applied by firms towards achieving brand awareness, with the
successful ones using several online platforms to make the potential market of their existence as
well as the brands they sell.
A good hashtag does not only allow a person to associate with intended circles on social
media, but a proprietary hashtag can go as far as giving life to a person’s social media character,
giving them exposure, influence and persona (Carter, 2018). The hashtags have been used on
platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, among others, and have brought about a
revolution in social media marketing. Those who carry out hashtag campaigns argue that the
most effective one is that which will easily go viral, is original, precise and easy to understand,
and sounds trendy among many other features (Narang, 2020). Using a hashtag is an effective
way for brands to get their bran...

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