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Hello, Please only answer these questions that is on the PDF below. There are a few of scenarios and have to be answered specifically.

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May 5, 2020 [PHIL3108/BUSINESS ETHICS] ‫الكلية التقنية بشناص‬ Shinas College of Technology FINAL ASSESSMENT (ASSIGNMENT) AY 2019-2020 - SEMESTER- II BUSINESS STUDIES DEPARTMENT ‫تعلـــــيمات للطــــــلبة‬ INSTRUCTIONS TO STUDENTS • The student must personally answer the assignment questions and submit it electronically through the Word document. • The assignment should be uploaded on the e-learning. • The e-learning submission platform will be closed as per the due date and time. • The final submitted assignment within the 48 hours period will be considered as final (Maximum number of submissions is 3). • The maximum acceptable level of similarity is 25%. ‫• يجب حل االتقييم من قبل الطالب شخصيا ويكون إلكترونيًا باستخدام برنامج‬ .Word .e-learning ‫• يجب تحميل إجابات التقييم على منصة التعليم اإللكتروني‬ ‫ ساعة) من بداية الوقت المحدد للتقييم‬48( ‫• سيتم غلق منصة التسليم بعد‬ .‫النهائي‬ 3 ‫ وبحد أقصى‬،‫ ساعة‬48 ‫• سيتم اعتماد آخر تسليم قدمه الطالب خالل فترة الـ‬ .‫مرات‬ .%25 ‫• الحد األقصى المسموح به للتشابه هو‬ ‫• في حالة وجود تطابق بين طالبين او أكثر في حل الواجب الدراسي سوف يعطى‬ • In case of duplicated assignments between two students or more, a zero mark will be given, and the case will be investigated. ‫ ) من‬80 ( ‫الطالبان صفر و سيتم إحالتهما الى لجنة التحقيق و ذلك وفقا للمادة‬ • Illegal programs or methods used to conceal similarities are prohibited and students will be investigated. • References must be documented properly. • It is prohibited to share the assignment with anyone or any form. Violators will be sanctioned as per the college policies. This Final Assessment is CONFIDENTIAL. .‫قانونية وفي حالة اكتشاف ذلك ستطبق على الطالب األنظمة المتبعة في ذلك‬ 1 .‫اللوائح الداخلية للكليات التقنية‬ ‫• يحظر على الطالب استخدام أي برامج أو طرق تخفي نسبة التشابة بطريقة غير‬ .‫• يجب على الطالب كتابة المراجع المستخدمة‬ ‫ منصة‬/‫• يحظر مشاركة التقييم النهائي بأي شكل من األشكال مع أي شخص‬ ‫وسيتم معاقبة المخالفين وفقًا لسياسات الكلية (هذا التقييم النهائي سري وملك‬ .)‫للكلية‬ May 5, 2020 [PHIL3108/BUSINESS ETHICS] I. Read the following scenario and answer the questions given below Mr. Ali started a business in Oman on 15th March 2010. His business was going smoothly and earning high profit. All the employees are very much supportive each other and finishing their work on time. All the employees are respecting the rules and regulations of the company and obeying it without fail. Mr. Ali providing salary on time to them, always maintaining professional relationship with his employees. Due to the development of his business, last year he recruited 5 more employees from different countries. Recently Mr. Ali noticed that, there are lots issues between employees and most of the customers are not happy with their performance. Mr. Ali enquired about the issues, finally he understood that the new employees are not performing well, always coming late to the office. Moreover, they always telling bad words towards coworkers and customers. Existing staff many times told to the new staff about the company rules and regulations, but they are not ready to listen and not ready to obey it properly. 1. From the above scenario identify and explain various ethical and unethical behaviors happened in the workplace. (Minimum 100 words) (5 Marks) 2. As Business Ethics student explain how those identified unethical behaviours will be affected on the smooth running of the business. (Minimum 100 words) (5 Marks) II. Read the following scenario and answer the questions given below: Mr. Ibrahim is a bachelor student in Shinas College of Technology. He is hardworking student and have good knowledge in business. He always tries to apply his own ideas while preparing assignment and any other academic activities. He always treats all student equality and giving support to others whenever they need any help for study. If there are any issues between students in the classroom, he will try to solve it as much as possible and make them confirmable because he like to have a peaceful environment every time. He always feels good whenever he got high mark and appreciation from others. 1. From the above scenario identify the various terminal values Mr. Ibrahim applied in the college during his study. (Minimum 50 words) (2.5 Marks) 2. If he is going to start a business in Oman, explain how those identified terminal values will support him for the smooth running of his business? (Minimum 150 words) (7.5 Marks) III. Read the following scenario and answer the questions given below: Scenario: Sohar Aluminium Company. The company recently organized a campaign to clean up the beaches and roads in Sohar. This is one of the company's key CSR initiatives, reflecting its commitment to environmental conservation and protection of Oman's coastline from the threat of contamination. Sohar Aluminium staff volunteered to participate in this activity joined by students and faculty members from Sohar University. 1. List out socially responsible activities above company performed in the above scenario. (2 Marks) 2. As Business Ethics student, provide some details of CSR activities that Sohar Aluminum Company can be initiated and explain how it will be helpful for the society. (Minimum 150 words). (8 Marks) 2 May 5, 2020 [PHIL3108/BUSINESS ETHICS] IV. Answer the following questions: 1. As the owner or manager of any company, will you hire employees from other country? State Yes or no and give at least six (6) reasons to justify your answer. (Minimum 120 words) (6 Marks) 2. Imagine that you have been appointed as General Manager in a big company which follows diversified workforce. Due to Coronavirus Disease spreading all over the world, management asked you to prepare general guidance for all workers to help to protect workers from exposure to and infection with SARSCoV-2. Explain minimum four (4) guidance. (Minimum 80 words) (4 Marks) V. Answer the following Questions: 1. If you are the manager of a company, what are the lawful practices you will follow in your business to maintain a high-level efficiency in your business. Explain any 5 supportive points. (Minimum 100 words) (5 Marks) 2. After completion of the study Mr. Rashid started a hypermarket in Sohar with 100 employees. One day for one of the staff he has given only 30 days maternity leave. Moreover, he will not give more than two days leave to any of the employees in case of death of any employees’ close relatives. As owner of the business he will not give gross salary to any of the employees for festival holidays, if it is occurred during their normal working days. Do you think Mr. Rashid is following labour law of Oman while running his business? State Yes or no and justify your answer with proper evidence based on Oman labour law. (Minimum 100 words) . (5 Marks) 3 ...
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