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Most of the information needs to be "made up". No research needed. attached is a form with some background information on the scenario.

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Business PORTFOLIO You are the quality control officer for KickLand Foods at corporate headquarters. This morning you received an angry call from the owner of KickLand Foods, your boss, Shirley I. Kickyou. Shirley called about an incident with one of KickLand’s most popular products – the KickLand Ham. She had received a call that over 500 customers who bought a KickLand ham at a CostCOW in Nebraska complained that the product smelled and tasted like SPAM. Fortunately, no other CostCOW has complained, so Shirley needs you to investigate what happened ASAP and make sure it doesn’t happen again. You immediately called the chief chef of KickLand’s Foods, Sam Hamm. Sam is responsible for all products prepared in KickLand’s kitchens and keeps excellent records. KickLand’s kitchens make several types of hams. The three most popular hams are Smokehouse, Sweet, and Low Sodium. KickLand Foods also takes special requests for “specialty” flavors. Sam remembered that in January, a “specialty” ham was ordered by COMICON in San Diego, California. The order was for 550 hams to be used for sandwiches that would be sold at COMICON 2020. The order specified that the 550 hams smell and taste like SPAM. KickLand’s kitchens filled this order by end of February and produced 550 hams exactly as the customer ordered. Unfortunately, COMICON 2020 was cancelled in March due to the pandemic. So, the hams were never sent to San Diego. Because this was such an unusual “flavor,” Sam had all 550 hams set aside for disposal and told her marketing intern to label the hams as scrap. So, what happened to the hams? How did all 550 hams end up at the CostCOW in Nebraska? Write a MEMO to Shirley explaining what happened and what you are doing to prevent this from ever happening again. Your boss does NOT want an apology. She wants you to identify the problem and to fix it. If you blame the intern for mislabeling the hams, you will lose your job. If you blame Sam for not following up on the disposal, you will lose your job. If you include “noise,” you will lose your job. Write exactly 3 (three) paragraphs using correct MEMO format, layout, and spacing. Include a company logo and an appropriate heading. In paragraph 1, explain what happened to the hams. Explain what you did to find out. In paragraph 2, use a bulleted list (with parallel grammatical structure) to identify what steps you are taking (what processes you are putting in place) to prevent this from happening again. In paragraph 3, tell Shirley that you will update her on your progress by a certain date. KickLand Foods Memorandum TO: Shirley I. Kickyou, Owner FROM: My NAME , Quality Control Officer MN DATE: May 5, 2020 RE: Specialty KickLand Hams What happened to the hams? What you did to find out? Update Shirley by a certain date. ...
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