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Final feedback for production and operations management class

I attach the requirement below for the paper it's going to be Final feedback for production and operations management class.


1.Capacity Planning

2.Manpower planning, recruitment, and control


4.Planning and managing for quality

5.Material control [inventory, supplies, etc.]

6.Cost control

7.Training and Development for employees

8.Facility location and layout

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The purpose of the group project is to have you explore the operations function of a vitamin manufacturing business that competes in the weight loss industry. The firm produces both the capsule and tablet manufacturing. On completion of the project you should: • • Understand the flow of the supply chain from suppliers to customer; and, Have explored in depth the operations management activities within the organization. In order to achieve these goals, your group is expected to: • Research the vitamin/nutraceutical industry your firm competes in. There should be some description of the whole firm. • Who are the firm’s major competitors in this market segment? What strategies are usedto compete? • Document the operations. Location of operations, plant layout, process flowcharts, job descriptions, verbal explanations, or similar methods, you should explain the operations activities and technology for the firm. Specifically, the various inputs, transformation processes, and outputs should be identified. • Detail their OM activities: Carefully describe how the following activities are performed in the firm: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Capacity Planning Manpower planning, recruitment, and control Scheduling Planning and managing for quality Material control [inventory, supplies, etc.] Cost control Training and Development for employees Facility location and layout ...
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