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The Nation is IRAN
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Each student will choose a nation to study in-depth through the wiki in Blackboard. No more than one student may research a particular nation. In studying the particular nation, students should: 1. Describe the ethnic and religious groupings within the nation including which groups are the majority and how other groups are treated. 2. Examine the family structure both in terms of what is the norm as well as what is acceptable. 3. Address the role of both the elderly and children and describe how they are treated. 4. Discuss gender roles both the norms and what is acceptable. 5. Explain the cultural values of your nation. 6. Describe how the LGTBQ population is viewed. 7. Address how physical and mental illnesses are treated. 8. Explain how the political system is structured and what its impact may be on family life or how it may influence people immigrating to the United States. 9. Describe its location and what someone should know about it geographically. 10. Discuss important events in the history of the nation and their impact on people today. 11. Address economic or occupational factors that might be important to know about this nation. 12. Provide information about significant holidays both religious and secular and explain any which are not part of the dominant American culture. 13. Describe immigration patterns to the United States over the last 5 years (does not apply to students researching native tribes). Based on what you have learned from doing the research, explain what you think the strengths of these people are and what challenges they may face. What should someone know in order to be culturally competent working with this population? You must use a minimum of 4 credible sources and APA format including a reference page at the end and citations within the body of the paper. Wikipedia may be used for background but does not count as one of your four sources. The paper should be double-spaced and in a 12 point font. Minimum paper length is 5 pages. ...
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