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Choose one of the following articles to be summarized. The goal of the summary is to very strictly demonstrate your ability to identify and restate the author’s arguments and the supporting evidence.

It should be 900-1000 word limit and in full sentences and paragraphs with 2.54cm margins and page numbers on the bottom of the page. Do not draw on external material. Papers need to include the following information on the top left hand


1) Student Name

2) Instructor Name, Course ID

3) Submission Date

4) Bibliographic Information for Article or Book Chapter being summarized.

Papers should take the following template to follow:

1. Introduction (1 paragraph)

a. General topic of the article

b. Bodies of literature the article is drawing upon

c. Articles (Author’s?) research question or approach to the topic

d. Author’s thesis

2. Supporting evidence (2-3 paragraphs)

a. Explain some key points and how they support the thesis

b. Provide a key example or two that the author uses as evidence to support their arguments.

3. Significance/Implications (1-2 paragraph)

a. How does the author explain the significance or implications of the article?

4. Conclusion (1 paragraph)

a. Review how the main points work together to support the thesis

b. Major limitations of the study, if any

c. Lingering questions the study does not discuss

OTHER KEY POINTS to be kept in mind are :-

1) INTRODUCTION should should provides a clear and succinct overview of the topic of the article.

2)RESTATE THESIS should Clearly and accurately identifies

and restates the article’s thesis.

3) SUPPORTING EVIDENCE should clearly states 5 or more supporting arguments, examples and details.

4) SIGNIFICANCE should Clearly assesses two or more implications or significance of the article.

5) CONCLUSION should clearly reviews the main points.

6) FORMATTING should be strictly followed as stated above.

7) GRAMMAR is very essential. Please make sure there are no spell checks and grammar errors.

For the articles, you can choose one among the following.

Côté-Lussier, Carolyn. 2013. ‘Narratives of Legitimacy: Police

Expansionism and the Contest over Policing’. Policing and Society

23/2: 183-203.

--- OR ---

Comack, Elizabeth. 2012. “Starlight Tours.” In Racialized Policing:

Aboriginal People’s Encounters with the Police. Halifax: Fernwood


--- OR ---

Quinlan, Andrea. 2016. “Suspect survivors: police investigation

practices in sexual assault cases in Ontario, Canada.” Women &

Criminal Justice, vol. 26 (4): 301-318.

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