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  1. Update & email your resume per the sample attached below.
  1. Write a short essay (2-3 paragraphs, 11-12 point font) on how you plan to updated your LinkedIn profile with your updated resume information, and how you will use LinkedIn to network with key LMU alumni and professionals in the companies and industries of your choice. The networking is to learn more on what they do, and conduct informational interviews as well.
    • Select 3 LMU alumni you will connect with via LinkedIn, and explain briefly for each why they profiles appeal to you (company, LMU major, industry, and/or things you have in common)

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Ben N. Vesting Westlake, CA 90045   (882) 555-4429  EDUCATION Loyola Marymount University Bachelor of Business Administration Candidate, Finance • • Relevant Coursework: Fundamentals of Finance; International Business; Financial Modeling for Decision Making; Entertainment Finance; New Venture Creation; LMU Student Investment Fund (competitive) Activities: Associated Students of LMU (ASLMU); LMU Business Incubator and Entrepreneurship Program; VOCARE Retreat Leader; Mentor; Co-Founder and Startup Consultant PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Northrop Grumman Corporation Business Management Intern • • • • • • • • • Los Angeles, CA 2018 Collaborated closely with a team of 21 students and two finance professors Managed portfolio of $600,000+ and voting to buy, sell, or hold equity investments Conducted discounted cash flow and residual income valuation analysis (Modeling with CapIQ) Mentored two freshmen business majors and provided ongoing guidance into financial services industry Actively researched and presented new opportunities in the financial services and technology sectors to faculty Created by Cari Business Development Intern • • • Redondo Beach, CA 2019 – Present Supported System Integration, Test, and Evaluation Department in financial budgeting, PC Requests, and organizing the hierarchy of the division Ran weekly reports for indirect actuals and overhead process maturity through SAP, BW, and distributed to business management department Conducted cold calls to businesses nationally to initiate sales processes ($100,000+ in annual contracts); developed and improved digital marketing and CRM strategies Supported Sales Directors and Managers with tracking weekly, monthly and annual revenue goals Collaborated with eight interns on a weekly basis to brainstorm and develop selling strategies LMU Student Investment Fund Financial Analyst • Los Angeles, CA May 2024 Century City, CA 2018 – 2019 Supported entrepreneur with the launch of her new business, largely overseeing sales and bookkeeping Assisted in the marketing and selling of products online (Etsy) and in-person at local Farmer’s Markets Provided weekly earnings reports and offered strategies to increase business sales and company growth AWARDS LMU Startup Weekend Winner LMU International Business Competition Winner SKILLS & LANGUAGES LMU Dean’s List (Finance) LMU Dean’s List (Entrepreneurship) Serial Problem Solving Strategic Product Development Microsoft Office: Excel (Financial Modeling, Solver, Pivot Tables, Intro to VBA), PowerPoint, and Word Capital IQ (DCF Modeling, Valuation Analysis) Bilingual in English and Spanish Conversational in French ...
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