Reflections on Federal Environmental Policy

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What are the current major environmental issues

How do you feel about related policies

What, if anything, has changed /is changing, & how does it affect you personally? How has your perspective been either reinforced / changed now that you're informed

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Well it starts of with water especially in my part of the country in California we are running out of water and people need to find a way to conserve it. Also pollution people need to learn how to recycle to save trees and create a cleaner environment. This may even create more jobs as the economy is still bad and is trying to recover. In any case people should learn not to throw trash on the street. And not be dumping illegal chemicals in the sewers because thats how our oceans get dirtier and the water we drink may not be clean for a long time. So Americans must learn to conserve natural resources. The dumping of food in restaurants is also an issue that I would like to address when people are hungry and they should saved for the homeless and poor. 

Tnoevry R (1551)
UT Austin

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