BAMK 4109 Direct Marketing Case Study Questions

BAMK 4109


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Attached are 2 case studies. 3 question for case study 1. and 2 questions for case study 2. 300-400 words for each question.

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Case 1

AL Khalili construction LLC is building a new apartment building in the blusher area.  

BAMK 4109 Direct Marketing Case Study Questions
BAMK 4109 Direct Marketing Case Study Questions

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Running Head: Final Assessment- Direct Marketing
Final Assessment- Direct Marketing


Final Assessment- Direct Marketing

Case 1

Question one: Two direct marketing techniques to use without personal contact and
Amid the crisis, there is a need for the company to develop marketing techniques that will
facilitate the marketing of their apartments without the need for direct contact with their customers.
The two forms of direct marketing that would be instrumental for the company will include the
use of internet marketing and telemarketing. The use of the two techniques will eradicate the need
for physical contact with the customers. The adoption of the techniques will play an instrumental
role in ensuring the firm reaches its potential customers during the coronavirus pandemic.
Following the developments on the internet, it has become much easier to reach potential
customers in the present day. In most cases, organizations can sell their products online without
the need to establish a physical meeting with their potential clients. Different platforms, such as
social media platforms and the use of social media platforms such as Facebook have provided
companies with organizations with different avenues to use in marketing their products. The use
of online platforms will provide the company with avenues for reaching potential customers while
eliminating geographical limitations (Hauser, 2008). The company should invest in developing
robust online platforms that will target potential customers. The use of internet marketing will
reach many customers since the majority of people, and potential customers have increased their
access to internet platforms during the crisis.
The other approach that can be used in marketing the apartments can involve the use of
telemarketing. The use of telemarketing will be appropriate for the firm since it will eliminate the
need for a physical meeting with the customers. The technique will involve identifying potential

Final Assessment- Direct Marketing


customers and making calls that will inform them of the products on sale at the company (Hauser,
2008). Through the approach, the company will be able to sell their apartments without the need
for physical meetings. Effective use of the two techniques will be instrumental in ensuring the
firms re...

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