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Attached are 2 case studies. 3 question for case study 1. and 2 questions for case study 2. 300-400 words for each question.

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Case 1

AL Khalili construction LLC is building a new apartment building in the blusher area.  

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FINAL ASSESSMENT - Direct Marketing BAMK 4109 - Bachelor Level VERSION 1 CASE 1 a. AL- Khalili construction LLC is building a new apartment building in the Bousher area. The company has invested around 2 Million OMR in this project and it is posed to be open for occupancy during the Mid-2020. This Project is considered to be one of the flagship products which the company has been promoting ever since they have launched it in 2018. Though they were selling it at a good pace since launch, there has been some uncertain events took a turn and it made the organization to revisit and rethink on their strategy. By February 2020, the COVID 19 pandemic has gripped all over the world including Oman and most countries were locked down during this period and subsequently business was hit very badly. In this tough situation and an unexpected change of events, AL Khalili has the pressure to sell their homes. They cannot afford to wait and watch. The company has to pay the dues and their apartments are almost ready for occupancy, the cost of maintenance and other overheads are strangling the organization. Now as a Sales Manager of the organization, you have to think positive and take this as a challenge and strategize the current situation. Questions: ANSWER ALL (Minimum 300 - Maximum 400 Words for each answer) 1. Justify, Select and explain on at least any two direct marketing forms for Al-Khalili construction without personal contact with the potential customers (Contactless Selling). In your strategy you should use combinations of forms of direct marketing which you can use only in this time period (Remember no going out and meeting the customers). Identify the most important form of direct marketing and elaborate on it, and Analyze critically on why you have chosen to use that direct marketing form (s). Selection of Direct Marketing forms – 5 marks Justification of important form – 5 marks Total - (10 Marks). 2. Evaluate the future of direct marketing in the context of the current situation. Direct marketing essentially means to go direct to the customer, but in future what shape would direct marketing take? Will be thrive or will it become obsolete. Your answer must be elaborate on the general direction of the concept of direct marketing itself. Evaluation of Future direct marketing direction - 5 Marks Debating whether direct marketing will thrive or not – 5 Marks Total - (10 Marks). 3. Estimate the effectiveness of the technology and the results it can bring for direct marketing in this turbulent period. Chart down and explain a totally new technology which you have come across during this period and how it can be used in Direct Marketing example Zoom Video Conferencing. Your answer must show the effectiveness as well as relevance in direct marketing. Explanation of Effectiveness of Technology – 5 Marks Relevance of Technology in Direct Marketing – 5 Marks, Total (10 Marks). CASE 2 AVON, is a large makeup and cosmetics-based organization coming out from UK. Avon Products, Inc. is a multi-level marketing company in beauty, household, and personal care categories. Avon had annual sales of $5.5 billion worldwide in 2018. It is the fifth-largest beauty company and, with 6.4 million representatives, is the second largest direct-selling enterprise in the world (after Amway). The company's CEO is Angela Cretu , who was appointed to the position in January 2020. In May 2019, the Brazilian company Natura & Co announced its intent to acquire Avon; the deal closed in January 2020. Avon uses both door-to-door salespeople ("Avon ladies", as well as "Avon men") and brochures to advertise its products. The first Avon lady was Persis Foster Eames Albee. Avon operates training centers for potential representatives. Some Avon training centers have a small retail section with skincare products, such as creams, serums, makeup, and washes. Avon uses multi-level marketing to recruit sales representatives who sell beauty products, jewelry, accessories, and clothing. Questions: Answer All (Minimum 300 - Maximum 400 Words for each answer) 1. Evaluate whether the above company AVON will be able to come and do direct marketing in Oman. Devise Direct marketing strategies for AVON for the context of Oman market. Select and explain any 5 strategies which you can recommend for AVON and their effectiveness and relevance in Oman must be explained. Draw a table to explain your answer. Direct Marketing Strategies Effectiveness of the Relevance in Oman Strategy Evaluation of the DM Strategies 5 Marks Table and explanation of each strategy – 5*1 = 5 Marks, Total (10 Marks.) 2. Estimate the target market for AVON and how you will use personal selling as a tool to sell the products of AVON. In Oman there will be challenges while you use personal selling, highlight and explain the challenges of using personal selling in Oman Target Market explanation – 5 Marks Challenges in Personal selling - 5 Marks, (Total 10 Marks).
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Running Head: Final Assessment- Direct Marketing
Final Assessment- Direct Marketing


Final Assessment- Direct Marketing

Case 1

Question one: Two direct marketing techniques to use without personal contact and
Amid the crisis, there is a need for the company to develop marketing techniques that will
facilitate the marketing of their apartments without the need for direct contact with their customers.
The two forms of direct marketing that would be instrumental for the company will include the
use of internet marketing and telemarketing. The use of the two techniques will eradicate the need
for physical contact with the customers. The adoption of the techniques will play an instrumental
role in ensuring the firm reaches its potential customers during the coronavirus pandemic.
Following the developments on the internet, it has become much easier to reach potential
customers in the present day. In most cases, organizations can sell their products online without
the need to establish a physical meeting with their potential clients. Different platforms, such as
social media platforms and the use of social media platforms such as Facebook have provided
companies with organizations with different avenues to use in marketing their products. The use
of online platforms will provide the company with avenues for reaching potential customers while
eliminating geographical limitations (Hauser, 2008). The company should invest in developing
robust online platforms that will target potential customers. The use of internet marketing will
reach many customers since the majority of people, and potential customers have increased their
access to internet platforms during the crisis.
The other approach that can be used in marketing the apartments can involve the use of
telemarketing. The use of telemarketing will be appropriate for the firm since it will eliminate the
need for a physical meeting with the customers. The technique will involve identifying potential

Final Assessment- Direct Marketing


customers and making calls that will inform them of the products on sale at the company (Hauser,
2008). Through the approach, the company will be able to sell their apartments without the need
for physical meetings. Effective use of the two techniques will be instrumental in ensuring the
firms re...

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