Innovation in The Ongoing Pandemic in America Expository Essay

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The Assignment: In an expository essay of 2,000 words or more, address one of the following prompts. This essay should feature a well-developed thesis and appropriate evidence to support your claims. Be sure to provide thorough analysis of all quotes and examples, and include your own perspective or stance on the topic.

EDIT: If you choose Option #1, you must engage and cite at least two essays assigned in this class, and two outside nonfiction sources. If you choose Option #2, you may use one or more article from HW #7 but you must include at least four sources total.

Option 1: Discuss the authors' stances on animal testing, eating animals, and/or other interactions between humans and animals. In what ways are these interactions harmful or beneficial? How should people interact with animals? Should animals be granted rights? (The Case for Animal Rights; An Animal's Place; Consider the Lobster)

The Articles (For Option 1): The outside sources can be any nonfiction essays of your choice. You may choose to use news articles, personal essays, research essays, academic articles from the DVC Library database, or any combination that relates to your topic. The outside essays may bring a new perspective on the topic, present a counter-argument to the assigned text(s), or provide an example that supports your claims.

Option 2: Pick an ongoing or recent event or situation that is part of the news. Give context and background for the situation or event. Who is affected? Give the various perspectives on the event. Give your stance. What should be done? What would be the result of taking this action? Provide examples to support your claims.

The Articles (For Option 2): Your sources should be legitimate news outlets that adhere to journalistic standard. (Note that this does not mean that the source is unbiased; all writing has some form of bias.) I recommend news sites like The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Democracy Now, NPR, BBC, The Nation, The Atlantic, The Guardian, The Economist, etc. (You are not required to use these; they are simply suggestions.) It would be most helpful if your articles are in-depth rather than a few brief paragraphs.

Format: This essay will be in MLA format. This means it will be typed, double-spaced, in 12-point font (I prefer Times New Roman), with page numbers and your last name on each page, and a header on the first page. Your title should be original, and you must include a Works Cited page. Be sure to include in-text citations in the body of the essay. For help with MLA formatting and citations, please see the handouts on Canvas in the folder called “Files.”

Note: Words and phrases that are underlined on this page will be taken into consideration when grading.

Choose the option 2

Choose the option 2

Choose the option 2

Choose the option 2

Submit a rough draft of your essay 48 hours later. This should include the following, at minimum:

  • an intro paragraph with thesis statement
  • at least two body paragraphs with quotes/examples
  • at least two outside sources should be included

1,200 words minimum

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Innovation in the Ongoing Pandemic
Thesis statement: We shall analyze the background of the situation, the affected community, the
various perspectives, the possible solutions and their implications.


Background of the Situation
a. The first case of COVID-19 can be traced back to November of 2019.
b. Unemployment is the biggest issue that has affected the vast majority
of economies.
c. There are also some social and mental impacts of the pandemic.


bAffected Group – Focus on African American Women and Various
a. One of the most affected communities by the pandemic is the African
American group.
b. The position of Black Women in the pandemic is unique. African
American women are at the intersection of oppression resulting from
institutional inconsistencies, the community systems, and the high
healthcare disparities in the US.
c. Black women face a tough time during this pandemic.
d. Black women who have some pre-existing conditions or are pregnant
are highly at risk.
e. Pregnant black women are disadvantaged greatly due to the preexisting condition before the pandemic.


What should be done?

The corona virus pandemic is more than a health issue. The
pandemic affects the society in a variety of ways.


Another way that a stimulus program can help the women is
through gender-directed procurement programs.


Another aspect is having equal risk sharing mechanisms in the line
of work.


In developing these policies, there is a need to look at the decisionmaking ability of both men and women in the process.


For all these mechanisms to work efficiently there is a need for
adequate data.


Implications of the Response

Various implications can be expected from the implementation of
the responses.



In conclusion, through an analysis of the COVID-19 situation, the
identification of the affected community and the various perspectives its
affected, the possible solutions and their implications, we are able to better
understand the ongoing pandemic.

Surname 1

Innovation in the Ongoing Pandemic
The Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) is an ongoing pandemic that has claimed
thousands of lives worldwide. According to Walsh, pandemics relating to viruses, bacteria, and
parasites are known to have the largest calamities in the world. As of 11th May 2020, there are
284,680 deaths across the globe, with about 4.2 million infections (World-O-Meter). The virus
has far-reaching effects that are both long and short-term. Despite the general effects of the virus
on the population, the virus has particularly deep-reaching effects on women, especially AfricanAmerican women who are at the intersection of various issues in society. We shall analyze the
background of the situation, the affected community, the various perspectives, the possible
solutions, and their implications.
Background of the Situation
The first case of COVID-19 can be traced back to November of 2019. A 55-year-old man
in Hubei Province, China, was the first person to have been confirmed to have the virus (Bryner).

Surname 2
As of May 11, 2020, there are about 4.2 million infections across the world. The total number of
deaths across the world stands at 284,680 cases, with about 1.5 million recoveries (World-OMeter). Various measures have been taken to tame the spread of the virus across the world. Some
of the measures include placing institutional lockdowns, engaging in social distancing rules, and
the increased testing of individuals to identify cases and isolation. Many economies have been
hard hit by the virus.
In the US, consumption patterns have been disrupted. The consumption patterns of the
US are respo...

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