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Could you please work out questions and show a drawn diagram of forces. Question is attached.

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GradReady LIVE EXAM Unit 11 Questions 46-48 When it rains on hardcourt tennis courts, players often use squeegees, like the one illustrated below, to push water off the courts. Shown below on the right is a simplified side view showing the forces involved when a player pushes a 5 kg squeegee across the court at a constant velocity. The four forces shown are the push applied by the player (P). the weight of the squeegee (W), the frictional force (F), and the normal force (N). Assume forces F and N act exactly at the pivot of the squeegee. The weight W acts through the centre of mass at a distance of 0.15 m from the pivot. The force P acts at a distance 1.00 m from the pivot. Assume g = 10 m/s”. constant velocity constant velocity - 18° N 18° 36° pivot W The following trigonometric approximations may be of use: sin (18°) ~3/10 sin (36°) =% cos (18°) = 20 cos (36°) 4/5 46. What is the magnitude of the pushing force P applied by the player to the squeegee? 6N A B 8 N 14 N С 20 N 47. What is the magnitude of the normal force N? A 50 N B) 56 N C 64 N D 70 N 48. What is the minimum possible value for the coefficient of friction between the squeegee and the tennis court? A 0.11 B 0.25 0.34 D 0.40 COPYRIGHT © 2017 GRADREADY PTY LTD ALL RIGHTS RESERVED FOR INDIVIDUAL USE ONLY
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