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Subject of the paper: Slang Paper

Requirement: Imagine that you are a lexicographer—someone who studies and records the meaning of words. You’ve discovered a new word or phrase used among your college friends and acquaintances, and you’re thrilled to realize it’s virgin territory as far as slang dictionaries are concerned. You decide to write an article of around four pages to submit to the California Journal of Slang in order to reveal this phrase to the culture at large.

In the article, you will want to do the following:

1. Definition and Grammatical Function: Define the word or phrase, noting its various grammatical functions.

2. Demographics for the Term: Identify the users of the word or phrase, as well as how age, sex, or other demographic features influence either the way the phrase is used or its meaning.

3. Rhetorical/Social Context: Describe several social situations in which the word or phrase might be employed, as well as how different contexts affect how the word or phrase is used.

4. Origin: Speculate as to the origin of the word or phrase.

5. Longevity: Estimate whether you believe the expression is here to stay or just passing through the language. Justify your answer.

Other information Furthermore:

-This is an academic article. Although you’re writing about slang, the diction and style of your discussion should be dignified and formal, professorial even. In your discussion of slang, then, avoid contractions, slang, and other obvious signs of informality.

-Choose a title consistent with the scholarly tone of CJS.

-Double space.

-Number your pages. (minimum 4 FULL pages)

-Use italics to highlight a word or phrase.

-Use indented paragraphing (i.e. not “block” paragraphing).

-Edit and proofread your paper carefully.

*** The work will be checked for plagiarism through Turnitin by the professor. It is essential for everything to be free of plagiarism otherwise sanctions will be imposed***


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Slang Paper: Section Description Introduction A number of sections required for this paper work well as an introduction, so you don’t need to devote a section to introducing the paper and its demands. Instead, consider beginning with the definition or the origin. Grammatical Function This section asks you to apply what we’ve learned so far in this class to your particular slang term. What is the phrase’s grammatical form? What is the phrase in function? For example, killing it is a present participle in form, but it can function as an adjective, a verb, or a noun. Also address what kinds of sentence patterns it’s most often found in. Provide examples of its use when functioning differently. Explain where it’s most often found in a sentence. Does it always live within a larger sentence, or Demographics This section asks you to explain which groups use this phrase/slang term most often: •Age •Sex •Income •Race •Geography •Income •Education You do not need to address each one, only the ones that are most relevant. If you’d like, you may also combine this section with the “Rhetorical Context,” since some of these factors will influence the meaning of the term as it’s being used. Rhetorical Context This section asks you to show how the meaning of the term can change, depending on who, where, or when it’s used. Explain how, used by teens, the term means one thing. Used by 30-somethings, the term means something else. Address shades of meaning, especially in the context of synonyms. Explain what the benefit of this term is over its alternatives. Lastly, explain the rules dictating its meaning and use. How should it vs how shouldn’t it be used? Longevity This section functions well as a conclusion. Here, you want to predict whether this term will last long. Will it die out quickly, or will it earn acceptance into a dictionary someday? An example of a term that started as a social media slang term but then gained widespread acceptance is friend as a verb. Friend was recently accepted into a number of dictionaries.
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Slang Paper


Slang Paper
"You hate to see it" is one of the common phrases used by teenagers today
(Weaver, 2019). Surprisingly even adults have jumped into the bandwagon as a
considerable number of them are using it too. Apparently, it is one of the few slang
phrases that are used by more than one age group. However, its majority of the users are
teenagers. This phrase is all-encompassing and is uttered when a person has observed
something they do not like. Also, it is used to refer to an unfortunate event that happened.
It is usually used as a reaction to a situation that is less ideal.
The origin of the phrase can be traced back to late 2012 when many Twitter
subscribers started using it. Their expressions indicated disappointments. Today it's often
sarcastically used to show schadenfreude at a person's misfortunes. The earliest joke
carrying the phrase was posted on twitter by @Males_Thoughts in December 2012 about
an unidentified man groping a granny. However, it could have originated from the sports
world as often commentators had been using it to refer to blunders, injuries, or even
It saw increased use in sports in the better part of the early-mid-2010s. Later in
2018, Urban Dictionary added its definition to its official website. Today it is used by
many people majorly teenagers. It is most common among agemates, sports lovers, and
also people with an online presence (Ayto & Simpson, 2010). Having been around for
close to a decade, it is safe to say that it will be around for quite some time....

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