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Will the Internet continue to be an equal playing field where small non-corporate sites can become hugely popular, like Craigslist, Twitter, or Facebook (last two became huge corporations though) or Wikipedia, or do you see corporations infiltrating the landscape more and eventually owning most of the presence, or at least the avenues, of the web? Explain your opinion. Don't forget that the ISPs (Internet Service Providers) still are our gateway to the web, such as Cox Communications or Time Warner or AT&T. We don't have direct access to the internet... not that I'm pushing you towards one answer or the other, but I'm reminding you of the physical nature of it to give you more to think about.

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Many small corporate sites are motivated by the freedom offered with online trade
activities. This is because employing modern technology, business apps, laptops, mobile phones,
tablets, as well as VOIP communication systems; corporate sites are able to offer their services to
their target market from any location. The i...

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