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Please follow all the requirement in the lab report that I have attached below. Make sure to build the circuit by using Multisim or similar program. Thank you.

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Lab In this lab, the students will design a 4-bit adder. Multisim has the option to take one part of the circuit as a subcircuit or module. Assembling those modules is possible to reduce the number of devices and the complexity of the circuit. Once that a full adder subcircuit is implemented one can quickly design and test a 4-bit adder that also can be assembled as a subcircuit. The 4-bit adder module can be used as a basic element to design a circuit that add and subtract. 1: Implement and simulate a D flip flop in multisim, test it with 5V, ground, switches, leds etc. Show your tests to the teacher. 2: Implement and simulate the “Full Adder” Circuit in Multisim using: J-K flip flops, AND, OR, or any gate that be necessary. To test the full adder use 5 V, ground and switches in your input and leds in your output for your inputs and outputs use timing diagrams. Include in your report both the circuit and timing diagrams. Use this full adder as a subcircuit. Show these tests to the teacher. Results: 3: Using full-adder subcircuit as a building block, design a circuit module that has two 4-bit inputs, and a control input C. If C = 0 the output is the sum of the inputs and when C =1 the output is the difference (see text chapter 6 and use 2’s complement to subtract). Your design requires having the flexibility to do both addition and subtraction depending on the value of C. Your work should include several simulation results including at least one example each of the eight combinations (number1 (6 decimal): positive or negative; number2 (4 decimal): positive or negative; operation: addition or subtraction) showing the correct operation of the circuit. Make a table showing the numbers for each case and compare the theoretical the experimental results. Use 5 V, ground and switches in your input and led in your output. Show these tests to the teacher. In your report show the circuit with switches positioned according to the numbers in each of your examples. Results:
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