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NAME: PHYSISCS Spring 2020-Midterm#3-Energy Concepts Please note that problems are worth different points. Budget your time appropriately. You are allowed two 3x5 cards front and back, and a calculator. Watch your units. 1.- (20 points) A 2.0-kg block slides down a frictionless incline from point A to point B. A force (magnitude P = 3.0 N) acts on the block between A and B, as shown. Points A and B are 2.0 m apart. If the kinetic energy of the block at A is 10 J, what is the kinetic energy of the block at B? 2.- (15 Points) The horizontal surface on which the block slides is frictionless. The speed of the block before it touches the spring is 6.0 m/s. How fast is the block moving at the instant the spring has been compressed 15 cm? k = 2.0 kN/m 3.- (20 Points) A 2.0-kg block situated on a frictionless incline is connected to a light spring (k = 100 N/m), as shown. The block is released from rest when the spring is unstretched. The pulley is frictionless and has negligible mass. What is the speed of the block when it has moved 0.20 m down the plane? 4.- (15 Points) A skier weighing 0.80 kN comes down a frictionless ski run that is circular (R = 30 m) at the bottom, as shown. If her speed is 12 m/s at point A, what is her speed at the bottom of the hill (point B)? 5.- (15 Points) A 20-kg mass is fastened to a light spring (k = 380 N/m) that passes over a pulley as shown. The pulley is frictionless, and the mass is released from rest when the spring is unstretched. After the mass has dropped 0.40 m, what is its speed? 6.- (15 Points) A 1.2-kg mass is projected down a rough circular track (radius = 2.0 m) as shown. The speed of the mass at point A is 3.2 m/s, and at point B, it is 6.0 m/s. What is the change in mechanical energy done on the system between A and B by the force of friction? ...
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