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Create an argument (2-3 paragraphs) for or against the statement, "Access to higher education is a human right and should be defended as such by the federal government.

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Over a period of time annual statistic have proved that individuals with a higher education have a higher self esteem, higher cognitive skills, are better at handling and solving day to day challenges hence have a longer life expectancy.

Colleges or universities have a wide range of programs which can be chosen based on the skill an individual has and wishes to pursue as a result, they are capable of nurturing talents. It also provides them with more work options in any geographic locations, education brings equality in terms of employment based on merit, increasing their chances of securing a well paying job in these uncertain economic times.

Higher education provides a platform where individuals are able to express and attaining full potential for their skills and education and hence its the federal government's obligation to strive towards ensuring and protecting this human right for all individuals.

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