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to pages paper on impressions of small business in Barcelona, Spain 

Most important place in Barcelona such as FC barcelona Studiom , Olympic musemu , Segrada familia , Espaniol Soccer club. Timing for breakfast lunch dinner. Clutural differences. 

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Impressions of Small Business in Barcelona, Spain
Impression of Small business in Barcelona Spain




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Due Date: 5th July 2016


Impressions of Small Business in Barcelona, Spain


Impression of Small business in Barcelona, Spain
FC Barcelona Stadium
Fc Barcelona Stadium also referred to as Camp Nou is more than just a stadium. It is the largest
soccer stadium in Europe with a capacity of almost 100,000 people and is home to the most
accomplished soccer club, Fc Barcelona also known as “Barca’’. The stadium is considered to be
Barcelona most valuable tourist attraction since it provides an atmosphere that is filled with team
pride. The soccer games and number of events carried out within the stadium, live few of soccer
legends, visits to the Barcelona Fc soccer museum and purchase of original Barcelona Fc
products’ from T-shirts, jerseys to jackets form the majors reason as to why thousands of soccer
fans from around the world visit Camp Nou.
Barcelona Fc also known as “Barca” is a globally recognized soccer club due to the club
successes in the European football. The team is more than a club to many since most citizens in
Barcelona view the team as a symbol of their want for independence from Spain and the club
being used as a rallying point in the fight for independence gives it social- political significance
making the club be referred to us” mes que un club” meaning that the club is said to be more
than a club.
Cultural differences and Timing for breakfast, lunch, and dinner compared to United States
Cultural differences
Siesta-This is a nap after eating lunch. This is a norm in ...

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