“Public policy is both what government does and what it does not do

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What determines whether policy is enacted or not?  Who holds the power and authority to make and change public policy?Discuss public versus private concerns in relation to policy making and the government’s role in this process.

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A public policy is an action taken by the government to deal with an issue of public concern, by establishing laws, regulations or other courses of action that are aimed at addressing such issue (Anderson, 2010). A public policy can address wide ranging issues including, foreign policy, education, healthcare, crime, social welfare, and other factors. Public policies are very common in the United States. The creation of a public policy is a process which involves three sequential steps; first, there is building of the agenda, followed by formulation and adoption; the final step is the implementation of the agenda (Anderson, 2010). Other activities that take place after the public policy has been created and implemented are evaluation and termination. Creation of a public policy

During the various stages of creating a public policy, there is involvement by legislative, executive and judicial groups as well as other concerned parties such as interest groups, media and political parties (Anderson, 2010). These are factors which have a significant influence in policy creation. An issue of public concern must exist for a policy to be created. Such issue must then be brought to government attention (Fox, Bayat & Ferreira, 2007). In the USA, illegal immigration had been taking place for a very long time, but it was only in the 1990s that it was considered a problem enough to require more action from the government (Bean, 1997). Another issue in the American society is crime; crime is tolerated to a certain level in the American society but when criminal activities increase significantly, it becomes it becomes a matter to be addressed by policy makers (Soifer, Hoffman & Voss, 2011). 

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