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Week Three Research Study Proposal I

DUE: May 24, 2020 11:55 PM

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Assignment Instructions

In this class you will complete a Research Study Proposal to investigate a social-psychological issue to allow you to put into practice what you have learned throughout this course by designing a hypothetical research study proposal.

The Research Study Proposal will be divided into two assignments: Research Study Proposal Part I and l Research Study Proposal Part II.

The topic of your research study should be on a social-psychological issue. Social Psychology focuses on the impact of social environments on individuals or groups.

Two examples of social psychology focused studies are:

  • A study that researches the impact of public awareness ad campaigns on public attitudes toward the severely mental ill
  • A study comparing types school administrator response to reports of bullying and victims' willingness to report instances of bullying to their parents.

The Research Study Proposal Part I must include the four components below. You will use these components as subheadings for four sections in your paper

1. Proposed Topic: Describe the study's topic and focus (1 page minimum)

2. Hypothesis (can be in a form of question or stating the Ho and Ha)

3. Participants. Describe participant demographics (race, gender, age, religion, SES, area of the country in which they live, etc.), the process for selecting/recruiting them, and the rational for selecting them (1/2 page minimum)

4. Sampling Method: Discuss the proposed sampling method and the rational for selecting it (1 page minimum)

Your paper must also:

  • Be a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 4 full pages, size 12 font, Times New Roman, double spaced with 1 inch margins, NOT including the Title and References pages.
  • Be in APA format, including a title page and reference page.
  • Be proofread and contain few to no grammar errors, misspellings, incorrect APA formatting, or typographical errors.
  • Incorporate a minimum of three supportive scholarly citations and references to support content and conclusions.

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Impact of disability of the family member on the whole family unit

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Proposed topic
What is the Impact of disability of the family member on the whole family unit?
Disability poses additional challenges and demands to the whole family unit. These
challenges and demands exist for a long time. These challenges are affected by the age of the
individual with a disability, type of disability, and the family type in which the disability exists.
These demands and challenges include the financial burden which involves getting an education,
health, and social services. This extends to the burden of buying assisting equipment and renting
devices, maintaining accommodations, medication, transportation, and access to special food. For
most of the existing family financial burdens, the individual with a disability is eligible to be
assisted from publicly funded programs or get reimbursement from insurance companies. Other
challenges faced by the family is the coordination of services which come from different specialist
some of them include: occupational therapist, physical therapist, counselor, social worker, and
dietician. This specialist may not understand the challenges that the family is undergoing and end
up providing discrepant information which poses a huge challenge to the family (Garai & Kovács,
The family experience inad...

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