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Write a research paper concerning this scenario: You have been charged with the development of a Crisis Management Plan for the real or hypothetical health care organization that you chose earlier in this course.

Your research should be based on the following criteria:

  • Select a real or hypothetical crisis, such as a natural disaster (hurricane, tornado, flooding, or earthquake), a catastrophic building failure, or an act of terrorism.
  • Discuss resource management based on ethical approaches used during crisis management.
    • Consider issues such as patient triage or current as well as incoming patients, supply, and personnel availability.
  • Discuss and develop an authoritative chain of command for crisis management.
    • Include such responsibilities as Incident Commander, Communications Officer, and other members of the chain of command for the incident.
  • Discuss the importance and implementation of community communication, involvement, and coordination.
  • Discuss the necessary policies for personnel management and safety.
    • Include provisions for lock-down status and family communication abilities.
  • Outline the steps for supply chain management, both for personnel and the supplies needed to provide care

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Crisis Management in Hospital
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Crisis Management in Hospital
Crisis response comprises various distinct community resources and service from housing
and transport professionals, environmental and structural engineers, fire and police departments,
and medical experts. Healthcare plays a key role since it represents the epicenter of the medical
care provided to casualties. Crisis management in healthcare can determine the magnitude of
harm an adverse occurrence instigates on an organization. While an apt reaction can lessen
negative outcomes, a meager response may significantly heighten the negative effect. Handling
such an occurrence necessitates early preparation hence risk managers must ensure that there is
an action plan which can be initiated when required (Sendlhofer et al, 2015). The top
consideration should be the well-being of patients and family members closely followed by the
involved frontline staff. It is important to first take care of and supply the two groups with what
they need so that the healthcare system can begin to effectively tackle its own issues. Good
communication and transparency are fundamental in effectively managing the detriments of a
crisis. It is also important to use a crisis management team which is well trained and will swiftly
respond. The haste of response is crucial since the likelihood of the crisis escalating is dependent
on how long it will take to react (Meyers & Holusha, 2018). Nonetheless, the eminence of
reaction is equally important. In case of an such as massive terrorist chemical attack which
makes it hard to import resources and transfer patients, it is likely that the Hospital capacity will
be overwhelmed due to the high number of casualties.
Discuss resource management based on ethical approaches used during crisis
During the initial reactive stages of the crisis, triage should be undertaken by experienced
practitioners as per the circumstance’s demands. The IC must be conscious of these undertakings



and mobilize actions to be taken to rebalance needs to resources. The protocol should ensure that
the most serious cases are allocated specialized and experienced medical officers. They should
also be taken care of first before moving to the less serious cases. To create vacancy for
incoming patients, the hospital should conduct a surge discharge which involves quick
assessment and discharging inpatients early. Furthe...

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