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Questions for The (Babadook) this is a movie. You can find the movie online

1) Why can’t Amelia resolve her grief regarding the death of her husband in the car crash? Might she actually blame Sam for his death? If so, what are the consequences for their relationship?

2) Amelia’s sister is a rotten sibling, why doesn’t she want to help? Why is her daughter such a rotten kid? How come there are so many rotten kids in this picture? Is it because the narrative is written from the perspective of Samuel? After all, he does make the direct statement: “Everybody hates me!” If that’s true, why does everyone hate him?

3) Who puts the broken glass in the soup? Does that have anything to do with pain Amelia experiences in her back molar? Is it real or imaginary pain?

4) Who writes the book The Babadook? What are the consequences to Samuel. In the book, the Babadook appears to want to kill Samuel, is that the unconscious desire of Amelia? How could a Mother ever want to kill a child?

5) How does Freud’s notion of the Oedipal Complex play out in the narrative of the film The Babadook? Would you still be able to understand the film even if you have never read any of Freud’s ideas? How so?

6) Why does Amelia kill the little dog, and then bury it in the back yard? Do the worms come from the decay of the carcass? Has the dog been sacrificed to the Babadook rather than Sam to appease it?

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Aditio,1 Paranormal Activity 3 The movie that is titled Paranormal Activity 3 is an extremely interesting movie. I think that it tells story of a demon who wanted to marry one of the little girls, namely Kristi. Considering the end of the movie, it ultimately got what it wanted as all the obstacles on this way were removed. One of the main characters, Dennis, is a boyfriend of the mother of girls, Julie. It is said in the movie that he has his own business of taking videos of weddings, editing them and selling to the clients. There is no doubt in the fact that his occupation is quite important of the plot of the movie: he has access to various equipment and necessary knowledge to set appropriate surveillance over his family. I think that he is not married to Julie because he is too young and he does not belief that marriage itself can reinforce the relationship between the people. He might see proof of that on his work. Toby is the main antagonist of the movie, so to speak. To begin with one should point out that it is a ghost – this is what defines his nature. In addition to that, it manifests itself is a poltergeist which means that it is responsible for creating disturbances in the house of the main characters. Keeping in mind some cruel actions that were done by him, one might conclude that he is also a demon. The reason why it plays trick on people is because it haunts them in order to scare (Montell 140). There is one point when it scratches Randi, a friend of Dennis, and this wound is clearly supernatural as it can not be explained logically. The movie does not say a lot about biological father of the girls; however, I think that he does not call them because his wife and their grandmother killed him. Speaking of the latter, her Aditio,2 name is Lois. She wants her daughter Julie to have a son since that is the part of the system of beliefs of the witch coven that she is a part of (Ehrenreich and English 44). At the end of the movie, one might see that Grandma Lois allows Toby to kill her daughter and marry her granddaughter – that is who devoted to the coven she is. Considering the reasons why Toby stalks the babysitter, one might point out that it saw her as an obstacle that could damage its plans, so it was ready to scare her away. The reason why it put on the sheet is largely focused on the fact that prior to that scene, the babysitter put on the sheet too, pretending to be a ghost, so Toby was kind of ironic. There is no particular explanation why it appears to be roughly three feet in height, though Kristi, the only person who actually saw it, describes him as very tall; probably, it found being tall a more suitable appearance to present to the little girl to win her heart. Finally, Katie cannot remember anything of the events that are depicted in the film because of the defense mechanism of abnegation (Freeman 153). Aditio,3 Works Cited Ehrenreich, Barbara, and Deirdre English. Witches, Midwives, and Nurses: A History of Women Healers. 2nd ed. New York, NY: Feminist, 2010. Print. Freeman, Samuel Richard. Justice and the Social Contract Essays on Rawlsian Political Philosophy. Oxford: Oxford UP, 2007. Print. Montell, William Lynwood. Haunted Houses and Family Ghosts of Kentucky. Lexington: U of Kentucky, 2001. Print.
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Babadook Movie Assignment
Thesis statement: Discussion on Babadook Movie

Brief description of Gender Identity


Completely discussed issues on The Babadook Movie Assignment by discussing all
the factors as specified.


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The Babadook Movie.
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The Babadook Movie.

In the film The Babadook, Amelia is grieving the death of her husband, and she cannot get
past it (Kent, 2014). She is in a state of confusion and is still trying to get over her husband's death.
She cannot seem to get over her husband's death as through her son, and she is daily reminded of
a person that she used to love. Together with her son, Sam, he always asks her if she thinks about
his father when he died. This intrigues several flashbacks of him, and this doesn't settle well with
Amelia. She often gets depressed, and it affects the relationship that she has with her son. While
she cannot blame Sam, it is always a constant reminder that he will remind him of her husband.
There are instances where she has resentments towards her son. Doing so would affect the
relationship that they have together as she is still in the grieving process. By itself, the movie is a

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