Literature 201 The roots of the human tragedy as revealed in Opedipus the King

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Thesis statement & introduction 

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The essay is on tragic events in human life as expressed in the book Oedipus the King.

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Literature 201

August 26, 2014

 Sophocles unveiled the true meaning of human tragedy in the play; Oedipus the King. In this story the writer expressed how we as humans can walk through life, blind and ignorant to our everyday lives as well as our past. In life we tend to judge other people on the way they live, the outlook they may have on a topic, as well as the misfortune they may have experienced. These things are tragic, simply because most times our actions as well as reactions unmask our true personalities to others, however never really knowing yourself is the true tragedy. The smart and powerful king, Oedipus, was blind to the fact that his life was destined to be filled with hate and pain. Several attributes in his personality caused tragedy in his life, due to being quick to anger, slow to listen, and quick to speak. As a fearless leader, Oedipus, lacked the ability of understanding, Oedipus failed to understand that he, as human, has limitations and there is life outside of his own world, lacking patience and staying ahead of others lead the king to face his fate and experience tragedy as we know it.

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