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2 “virtual visits” to historical homes, museums, art galleries, etc. and to document their visit with a 2-3 page double-spaced paper. Explain why you chose to visit your virtual destination and what of historical value you learned. Topics must be from the time period studied in class (1890-2020.)

Also choose a place in or near DMV area.

Remember those are two separate papers each with the same requirement with different historic places for each

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American Art Museum
The American Art Museum, as the destination of choice, is the home to the art museums
of America and the National Portrait Gallery. The Museum is hosted by a huge Greek revival
building and occupies opposite sides of the building. The most interesting thing about the
building is that it has a central courtyard with an enormous glass roof designed by one Norman
Foster. The American art Museum first opened in 1968 and initially gathered artists’ works in
three centuries. The museum art comprises of a collection of art galleries, including folk arts,
civil war collections; American impressionism exhibits antebellum on its first and the second
floor respectively. The third floor includes works by Jenny Holzer and Robert Rauschenberg,
amongst others. The national art gallery is particularly impressive because of its grew-brown
stones in color and the glass roof (, 2016). The lighting in the hall is pretty
sufficient because of the transparent roof that appears like an artificial sky above the walls of the
This particular site carries a historical value of the people of American because of the
ancient materials being preserved and exhibited to the visitors. The gallery reveals the rich
historical past of the Americans, where the materials depict the lifestyle of the people during the
time. Americans living in this region and beyond would feel proud of being associated with
ancient forms of materials and artifacts that defined the culture of the people and their lifestyle.
Perhaps the contents in the Museum reveals the creativity of the ancient Americans and that
modern art has its genesis in ancient artistic works. Another historical value of visiting the
American Art Museum is how the artwork relates to the past of the particular community...

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