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Malcolm Gladwell on Innovation, about today’s customers desiring partnerships. How does employee empowerment aid in building partnerships between companies and their customers?  Provide an example from your experience as an employee or customer

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I feel it is necessary to build a relationship with customers because it gives your company a better image. And of course in the long term your customers will want to go back and shop for your product more frequently. Because I feel the customer should always come number for a company in any case. Only there are those that dont always like to welcome their customers or are not as friendly like lets say Mcdonalds for instance. I have been there lately and the customer service there is not as friendly like when I eat in Carls Jr. In any case most companies should treat their customers as number one because they are the ones bringing in business to your company anyways. Bad customer service will scare your customers away and will not recommend buying your product to anyone else.

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