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  • What is the difference between native app and web app?
  • What is Mobile App and Web App?
  • What is collector for ArcGIS?


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Getting to know Web GIS, Pinde Fu, 2016, ESRI Press. (ISBN: 978-1589484634)

Understanding GIS, fourth edition, David Smith, Nathan Strout, Christian Harder, Steven Moore, Tim Ormsby, Thomas Balstrom, 2018, ESRI Press

Additional Reading Materials:

It is expected that students will make extensive use of the following journals:

  • International Journal of Geographical Information Systems;
  • Geospatial Solutions;
  • Geo-World;
  • ESRI Press: Arc User & Arc News

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What is the difference between native app and web app?

Native apps are built for a specific platform, like Apple iPhone or Android for Samsung device.
It is an app that is installed on a smartphone directly and can work with or without an internet
connection, which, however, depends on its nature. The native apps can be installed through
Google Play or Apple’s App store (Jobe, 2013).They are specifically developed for one platform
and create an advantage to the users by harnessing the power processor and access to specific
access hardware, such as GPS. In some mobile phones, the app controls devices and acts as a
controller itself. They can incorporate gestures and use the notification system of the device they
have installed (Fu, 2016). Native apps can are developed through specific languages and
integrated development environments, depending on the projecte...

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