Choose one animal that is radially symmetrical and discuss how its lifestyle

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Consider the animals in this week’s readings that are radially symmetrical. Choose one animal that is radially symmetrical and discuss how its lifestyle is different from that of bilaterally symmetrical animals. 

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An animal with radial symmetry could be divided into equal portions from the center. An animal with radial symmetry really has no right and left side or head and rear end. Radial symmetry is ideal for animals that do not move, so they can reach into their environment on all sides. Consider the starfish as an example of radial symmetry. It can reach out in all directions to gather food for that mouth


It can squeeze out its stomach to get a meal. And, it can sometimes grow a twin of itself, from one of its arms - 

It can feed by "grasping" its prey with its arms, and extruding its stomach through its mouth and outside its body, where it digests the prey. It then slides its stomach back into its body.


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