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After reading Chapter 4 answer the following question:

1) What are the benefits and costs of language homogenization?

Write a comment in which you express the reasons to agree or disagree with the following proposition: A world in which all people speak one or two languages is better than a world in which people speak thousands of different languages.

After reading Chapter 12: Religion complete the following assignment:

  1. We treat many religious objects (crucifixes, prayer books, vessels containing holy water) as if they have mana. The same can be said of important figures from politics, Hollywood, and sports. Why is it special to shake the hand of one of these people or buy products with their endorsements? Do you have any objects in your possession that you believe carry mana? Discuss and explain.


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Discussion Question Anthropology


Discussion Question Anthropology


Benefits and Costs of Language Homogenization
Language homogenization refers to the approach through which different languages used
in different areas of the world are globalized to make them understandable by different people.
The homogenization process leads to a reduction in the diversity of different languages. In the
approach, there is the diffusion and popularization of different languages (Nanda & Warms, 2020).
The language homogenization process leads to many benefits for the users of the language
throughout the world. However, the entire process ...

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