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Part 1, Issc481:

Minimum 250 words, APA format

1. Why is it necessary to have principles for policies?

2.What is governance and compliance? Why is it necessary to enforce governance and compliance in an organization?

Part 2, Issc452:

Minimum 250 words, APA format

1. What do you think is the single greatest physical threat to information systems? Fire? Hurricanes? Sabotage? Terrorism? Others? Be prepared to support your answers.

2. In a corporate, networked setting, should end users be permitted to install applications on their workstations, whether they applications are on a disk or downloaded from the Internet? What kind of judgments should people make before downloading a piece of software?

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Outline: Issc 452 & Issc 481
Issc 452
Question 1
The most significant physical threat to information systems is the user/ employee
(Bennett, 2020). A user is the single common denominator amidst all threats
incorporated in any successful security plan. The users may be responsible for
circumnavigating a very secure IT security system that has been implemented and
tested multiple times.
Question 2
In a corporate environment, end-users should not be permitted to install applications
on their workstation without the approval of their computer support administrators.
An administration verification should always be required for end-users to gain the

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