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  1. What should you know about website privacy?
  2. How do you know when an online transaction is secure?
  3. Why is Anti-spyware software important to my online security?

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1. You must know if its website is secure or not to do online transactions. But there are not many ways to find out unless you do some research of your own on the company like EBay uses PayPal for online transactions so thats the most safest way to go. 2. You dont its can be risky although you may email the company or call customer service to make a different type of payment or maybe even in some cases to make sure that an online transaction for example a mobile payment using a smart phone is secure or not. Another example EBay uses PayPal and thats the system i use here as an online tutor to get paid in most cases is the most secure system to go with. 3. Anti-spyware is important to have on your PC or laptop computer for your online security so you wont get a virus or a Trojan which can make your computer go slower and crash eventually and believe me you dont want that to happens to you like me in the past. It cost me over three hundred dollars to just fix my laptop so i end up buying a new one anyways with a Norton Anti-virus which will protect my computer much better and is designed especially for windows 7 and 8. 

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